Product Review: Lowell Farms Hybrid Passion Quicks

by Carrie Dabshaw

Passion Quicks At-A-Glance


Lowell continues to expand their impressive roster with these quick burning but respectably strong pre-rolls.


Spacey and joyful with a moderate mellow mixed in. The Passion is a groovy, classically stoney jubilation.


$40 for all the bells and whistles on how impressively 10 quick burning pre-rolls can be packaged.

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About Lowell

From seed to sale Lowell Farms uses cannabis for social change with a history that dates all the way back to the 1913 Poison Act. Named after William “Bull” Lowell, the namesake cannabis powerhouse seeks to undo the racist harms of the “War on Drugs” and the madness of the reasoning that underlies it. The Poison Act made it illegal to sell or use cocaine or opiates. Unless you had a prescription. From a doctor. Which was totally a thing. A doctor could give you heroin or cocaine and legislators decided to include cannabis on the list of “poisons” prohibited by this law. In 1914 cocaine was made all the way illegal for good. And heroin remains legal if you get it from a doctor (paging Oxycontin) while cannabis remains federally illegal. Fentanyl and oxycontin flood our streets (and really fuck things up on euphoria) while weed remains in the doghouse.

Lowell places an emphasis on hiring those directly harmed by cannabis prohibition and like Emjay supports the Last Prison Project in their work to finally release everyone behind bars for weed. Our as-close-to-the-couch-as-the-law-will-legally-allow-us front door delivery offers you the perfect opportunity to double your impact by rounding up the total of your purchase to the nearest dollar. A contribution that we then match and give directly to the efforts to get all our people free. For those on the other side of the wall, Lowell’s annual Pride collection donates 20% of proceeds to The National Black Justice Coalition and the Gay and Lesbian Association Against Defamation. The Women’s Foundation of California also gets some love in Lowell’s work with their line of products in partnership with female-owned Fire Farms.


Emblazoned with “natura aude acta” Lowell’s gorgeous pack of smokes exclaims “nature hears the act” and they actually back this reminder up. Their packaging uses only recyclable, food-grade materials, and up-cycled magnets for the beautiful bundle of jays. The sun-grown, pesticide-free flower is tended to with a sommelier’s obsession as Lowell focuses on the unique benefits of each specific region’s geo climate to maximize the visual, aromatic, and experiential benefits of each strain. This attention to detail is one of those things that is really easy to miss but once you catch the rhythm of it you can never go back. Flower treated properly is a completely different world than that pumped out mindlessly for cash.

Lowell’s “no bull” approach shines thru in their expansive and awesomely diversified line. Flower is available in well-tended to eighths or within these handy dandy all-in-ones festie besties Literally everything is included and they come in different sizes and blends for your particular needs-I went bananas for their Bedtime Indica Smokes and if you’re in need of zzzz’s there are few greater conveniences. Beyond flower as-is, Lowell also runs a superb ring of extracts available both in disposable live rosin pens and a full line of dabbable concentrates. From bubble hash to full melt and age-cured and live artisanal rosin, Lowell’s farmhouse of delights has everything you need for a full education in California weed. Check out their wooden rolling kits and join me in a moment of silence for their now-defunct first-ever Cannabis Cafe in the nation. It was bright and sunny and full of our greatest fantasy-weed accompanying a meal as legally as booze.


Lowell’s smokes might be the single greatest packaging not only in all of cannabis but most certainly all of smokeables. The pack fits perfectly in your hand and the feel of the recycled packaging hits like a soothing meditative tactic you learned from your most New Age of friends. The earth tones perfectly suit the message on the back “our family farms grow artisan craft with a deep love and respect for the planet”. These outdoorsy smokes instantly transport you to a campsite filled with your truest and most rugged friends. 

A full eighth of flower is rolled up in these sweet babies perfectly portioned for a quick and manageable smoke. I love that they are named “The Passion” and it is wonderful to see that exact energy brought to Lowell’s offerings. I smoked cigarettes for a very long time and although I quit I still love them with my full heart. As a near expert on the genre, I can assure you no one makes a pack that even comes close in elegance or enjoyment to Lowell’s. Each step of unboxing is more aesthetically pleasing and helpful than the last. No spoilers but no need to grab a lighter before you dig in. 

I audibly said, “aw” when I saw the size of the quicks. Minis are adorable and this is no expectation. Quicks seem to be the size of a bountiful but reasonable bowl. I normally end up putting out full-size joints a portion of the way through and the back end is never the same. I like that this allows for one conveniently sized sesh without sacrificing quality. Unlike the full-sized smokes, Lowell’s quicks utilize the traditional conical joint design (whereas the full size are exactly like cigarettes but with weed). Underneath the slick cubby of smalls, another artistic touch awaits in an animation of a mirror quoting Phillip K. Dick: “everything in life is just for a while”. Everything we do, think, say, and believe is just for now and soon will become something else. 

Like these jays, it will all go up in smoke. Quickly.

When I go to a party I like to bring a conversation starter and something to share-even better if the party favors can accomplish both and Lowell absolutely does. This is a sure-fire way to strike up conversations with friends you haven’t met yet. And to strike a match on the box which for whatever reason will never get old to me. Not much of the strain’s idiosyncratic aroma or flavor comes thru the paper-it all melts into that comforting standardized joint smell and flavor.

The Passion’s 27% THC content sets in quickly and smirkingly. Everything becomes a wonderful cosmic joke-life is goofy and inviting in a reserved and kicked-back way. In a level of detail I’ve never seen replicated anywhere else Lowell lists the percentage of each parent strain in this baby’s lineage. 58% Original Gorilla x $42 Kosher Kush. According to Lowell’s website, it’s the OG that makes this jay so giggly. The uplift is chill and classically spacey-imagine it’s the only cannabis Juliette Lewis smokes for example. 

These are ideal for social gatherings and music festivals. Enjoyment sits at the forefront of your perception and nothing is so serious anymore. Pair these babies with nights when comedic and trippy adventures will ensue. The world feels more magical and in the arms of a loving safety. I haven’t found a similar symphony of these particular effects in quite a while–Lowell’s Passion Quicks are a real hoot.


Potent and fun mid-grade weed comes rolled in a radically convenient and creative full eighth pack. $40/10 quick burn jays.

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