Marijuana Delivery Near Me: Comparing Services

by Emjay
photo by brett jordan on unsplash_Marijuana Delivery Near Me: Comparing Services

Lots of folks are starting to recognize the benefits and convenience of marijuana delivery services near them. In LA, there are dozens of competing services that can make it difficult to determine which is really the best of the best. However, comparing those services takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t know what exactly to look for.

This guide will break down how you can look at marijuana delivery services near your home and compare those services for the best value. In most respects, it’s easy to take two competing cannabis delivery services, pull them up next to one another, and figure out which offers the most bang for your buck by measuring a handful of key aspects or price points.

Let’s get started!

Why are weed delivery services so great? 

When legal weed dispensaries are popping up all over LA, why would you use a weed delivery service instead of stepping into a store in person?

There are multiple reasons. It’s true, brick-and-mortar weed retailers are great places to check out, and there’s an advantage in that you can see the merchandise before you buy it. However, legal weed retailers are limited by a few major downsides:

  • Taxes are particularly hard on brick-and-mortar stores. For instance, California imposes a flat 15% fee, and markup rates are usually around 60%. As a result, weed purchased from retail stores is usually somewhat expensive
  • The stores aren’t allowed to sell weed between 10 PM and 6 AM. This can be really limiting for someone who wants a late-night smoke

Ultimately, weed delivery services don’t have these same downsides. While you can’t check out the same merchandise in person before making a purchase, you don’t have to worry about huge markups or not being able to get some marijuana in the middle of the night.

Even better, certain weed delivery services, like Emjay, allow regular or scheduled deliveries. Using a service like this, you’ll never accidentally run out of weed or have to make an emergency trip after work one day.

What to look for in a weed delivery service?

Weed delivery services are usually great. But although there are many more brick-and-mortar retailers than there are delivery services, there are still far too many services to pick between at random. How do you know which delivery service you should choose?

Let’s break down the major factors you should look at to make an accurate comparison.

Delivery fee

For starters, look at a weed delivery service and figure out if they impose a delivery fee. A delivery fee can quickly ratchet up the cost of your total order, possibly making the general savings you get from a delivery service not worthwhile compared to visiting a brick-and-mortar store in person.

Some delivery services, like Emjay, don’t have a delivery fee at all. While we do require that all orders reach a total of $25 before delivery, it’s still a much cheaper alternative compared to dealing with the heavy markups common with retail weed dispensaries.

Delivery speed

Of course, delivery speed is also really important. It’s no use ordering from a delivery service if it would take longer for it to get to your house than it would for you to drive to the nearest retail location. Add to that the fact that LA has literally dozens of dispensaries scattered throughout its metropolitan area, and any delivery service worth your time and money needs to be quite fast!

Emjay, for example, has a general delivery time of between 60 minutes and 120 minutes. If you live even closer to our shipping center, you could get your order in as little as a half-hour. Now that’s convenient!

Given that LA traffic is a total nightmare, you should only ever order from a weed delivery service with similar delivery times. After two hours, it’s likely that you’d be able to get cannabis faster if you visited a retail location.

photo by add weed on unsplash_photo by brett jordan on unsplash_Marijuana Delivery Near Me: Comparing Services

Product variety

Some retail stores are limited by the space they have on their shelves, and they constantly rotate their products for their top sellers and new offerings. Weed delivery services aren’t limited in the same way, so they should have expansive online catalogs for you to browse to your heart’s content.

Our advice? Go with a weed delivery service that offers lots of product variety. This is great not only for keeping the same delivery service over the long term, but also so you can locate your favorite cannabis products and accessories without having to use multiple services at the same time.

Take Emjay. We offer not only cannabis flower in 1-ounce purchases, but also vapes, edibles, wellness products, extracts, prerolls, and even additional accessories for cannabis enthusiasts of all types. Variety like this means Emjay is a perfect one-stop shop for all of your marijuana needs.

Markups and prices

Again, one of the big benefits of weed delivery services is that they don’t (usually) have the same markups and higher prices common with many retail locations. In cases like Emjay’s, that’s because the entire company is vertically integrated.

In a nutshell, this means that Emjay itself owns all of the infrastructure and supplies required to make high-quality, full-spectrum cannabis and the accessories it sells. Furthermore, Emjay hires and trains its own drivers, cutting down on costs. This results in lower overall prices for consumers across the board.

It’s a good idea to look at the prices and markup percentages for any weed delivery service before giving them your business. If the cost is too similar to a retail location, you might as well go to that dispensary in person since at least then you can check out their merchandise personally before making a decision.

Weed quality

Lastly, be sure to investigate the weed quality on offer from any weed delivery service. No service is worth your time and money if they’re hocking street-level flower that isn’t worth your time.

In Emjay’s case, weed quality is top-notch. That’s partially because, as mentioned, the company owns all of the growing supplies and locations, so our growers can fine-tune their strains and ensure the utmost quality. But everything for sale on our site is tested and verified for quality before reaching any consumer.

The result? High-quality cannabis that makes you feel the way you want without any side effects or unintended consequences. Furthermore, we offer high-quality cannabis in a variety of strains, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

We even have special offers right now – try our service and you can get some credit for free cannabis from our service!

The takeaway

All in all, it’s clear that finding a high-quality weed delivery service takes a little bit of research. You need to find a service that:

  • Has great prices, especially compared to other delivery services and retail locations
  • Can get you your ordered cannabis and accessories in a short timeframe
  • Can work with you when it comes to scheduling regular deliveries
  • Has consistently high quality for all of its cannabis products and related accessories
  • Has a lot of product variety so you can always find what you need

Fortunately, Emjay fulfills all of these criteria and more! We offer some of the best cannabis in the LA area, unbeatable prices, and prompt delivery without any additional delivery fee. There are virtually no downsides to ordering from our expensive online catalog today, so give our stuff a shot.

We’re confident that once you try Emjay’s weed delivery service, you won’t want to go back to any alternative.

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