What Are Moonrocks?

by Emjay

Just when you thought the world was out of novel ways to smoke weed, moon rocks started popping up all over the place. These tasty and potent nugs have developed a loyal cult following for these funny-looking cannabis flowers. 

If you’re interested in trying moon rocks, you’re definitely in for a new experience. Understanding what moon rocks are, how to use them, and what to expect the high will be like can help you have a great first experience with weed innovation. 

What is a moon rock?

Moon rocks are funny-looking. They kind of look like something you pulled out of the vacuum cleaner. When you break them in half, they look like pistachios. When you aren’t sure what you’re seeing, they might not look appealing. The moldy texture and dusty color of these weird nugs that look like ancient relics can be off-putting until you realize what it is.

A moon rock is a whole cannabis flower that’s been coated in cannabis extract or concentrate until it’s sticky on the outside. The whole sticky flower is then dipped and dusted with kief, the THC-rich trichomes that form on the outside of cannabis flowers.

If this is starting to feel like one of those sandwiches where the bun is made of fried chicken, your assessment would be correct. Moon rocks are absurdly excessive and decadent, but that’s exactly what the appeal is. Moon rocks are your favorite strain or a combination of your favorite strains that have been maxed out in potency and terpenes. The flavor is strong, and the THC content is through the roof. 

Moon rocks are a horrible way to try weed for the first time, and they’re not a great choice for the occasional smoker. If you’re an everyday smoker who has established a high tolerance, moon rocks are exactly what you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to turn to highly concentrated distillates or double up on joints (unless you want to, of course). You can smoke moon rocks instead. 

Pay attention to the label–some moon rocks are hemp

Not all moon rocks contain THC. People who really love CBD dominant strains will use hemp moon rocks to maximize the benefits of their favorite non-intoxicating flower. 

CBD moon rocks are a great way to try moon rocks without getting high, and they’re an incredible way to relax before you do some yoga, read a great book, or go to bed. Just make sure you know what kind you’re grabbing. 

Moon rocks are seriously strong

Do you remember your first experience with edibles? If you don’t, you were probably too high to remember. If you do, there’s a good chance there were a few things you wish you would have done differently. Moon rocks are a new weed experience, and just like with edibles, the effects of your high aren’t going to be the same as smoking a joint of plain, average potency flower. 

Moon rocks use cannabis flower that can be as high as 30% in THC, a generous amount of concentrate that can go as high as 80% THC, and kief that ups the intensity even further. A one-gram moon rock contains way more THC than one gram of normal flower.

The issue with moon rocks is that it can be hard to determine exactly how much more. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be in control of your THC dosage, moon rocks probably aren’t going to be a good choice for you. They’re going to hit you much harder than a pre-roll of something you’re used to and can predict.

If you want to forget how many fingers you have and where your own bathroom is, moon rocks are going to do it to you. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you don’t mind waking up a little high the next morning. It might feel like smoking weed for the first time all over again. It can be a nostalgic experience.

Tips for using moon rocks

Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis user, you need to keep in mind that moon rocks are going to be a different experience. This is something you want to try low and slow. Don’t break up a whole moon rock and roll a blunt. 

Start by taking a small piece of a moon rock and putting it in a hand pipe. Wait ten minutes, see how it’s going, and plan the rest of your night from there. 

If you find that you have a strong reaction to certain strains, you’ll also want to keep that in mind. If a particular indica gives you couch lock, its moon rock equivalent will put you in bed prison. You won’t be getting up for a while. 

photo by ahmed zayan on unsplash_what are moon rocks

If you’re really sore from a hard workout or if you’re exhausted and stressed out, you might want the amplified version of this effect. Smoke a little bit, use your better judgment, and stop when you’re where you want to be.

High THC sativa strains can sometimes cause anxiety or paranoia. Therefore, a heavy sativa moon rock may have you making tinfoil hats and peeking out of the blinds every 20 seconds. If sativa never affects you this way, you probably don’t have anything to worry about if you start with a small amount.

With something as strong as a moon rock, a well-balanced hybrid may be the better solution. If you like strains like gelato, look for a moon rock that doesn’t lean too far in one direction. If you can’t find one, you can go the DIY route. 

Making your own moon rocks

In order to make your own moon rocks, you’ll need to save all the kief from the bottom of your grinder. It might take you a while to accumulate enough kief to make a moon rock, so make sure you’re storing your kief in an air-tight container that blocks out the light. Alternatively, you can just let your grinder fill up as high as possible. 

When your kief collection is ready, you’ll need at least one cannabis flower and some kind of concentrate. You can drizzle some resin sauce on your weed or give it a light coating of cannabis wax to make it sticky. You can also use distillates that come in droppers or syringes to give your bud a nice coating. The goal isn’t to soak the bud. You only need to use enough to leave a very slight tackiness on the outside. 

Drop the moon rock in your kief. You can use a small spoon or a dab tool to pour more kief over the top and gently turn the bud over until the entire exterior is coated. You can use the back of the dab tool to gently press and rub the kief into the bud. The warmth and motion will make the kief a little stickier and assure it stays in place. 

Gently lift your moon rock out of the kief and leave it in a safe place to dry. Don’t put it anywhere near heat or direct sunlight, Normal air circulation in a dimly lit room for a couple hours should be enough to finish it off. When it’s done, it’s time to smoke it. 

Smoking moon rocks

If you want an easy solution, you can buy a moonrock pre-roll and smoke it exactly the way it comes. If you bought or made moon rocks, you don’t have to use them in any special way. It’s a good idea to break them and roll them like regular weed because they’re going to generate a lot of resin and residue that will be difficult to clean out of a glass piece. 

If you want to use a bong or a hand pipe, keep in mind that you’re going to need to do a deep clean right after you smoke your moon rocks. It might help to put your bong’s bowl or your glass pipe in the freezer for a few hours to solidify the residue. It will be less sticky and easier to clean out when it’s really cold. 

The takeaway

If you’re a seasoned cannabis user, moon rocks are an experience you’ll probably love. If you’re new to weed, moon rocks are a lot like skipping your first sip of beer and going straight for a jug of moonshine. Pace yourself and work up to it. 

Emjay has moonrock pre-rolls, as well as everything you could use to make your own moon rocks. Best of all, we can deliver it to you in half an hour. Spend that half an hour clearing your schedule for the rest of the day. You’re definitely going to be a little indisposed. 

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