Old Pal’s Ready to Roll Indica Flower Review

by Carrie Dabshaw
old pal ready to roll indica_product review

About Old Pal’s Ready to Roll Indica

Old Pal is your most mature friend who’s settled comfortably into themselves. Old Pal knows who they are and won’t apologize for it. Unabashedly accessible, affordable, and made to share, Old Pal reminds us of a simpler time. Their website proclaims “it’s just weed, man”. 

Old Pal has no interest in the ultra-trendy, overly bougie social media hype of the LA cannabis scene. OP is the OG with no time for these games. Only available in antiquated marquee categories-sativa, indica, and hybrid-Old Pal makes no effort to differentiate flower beyond that. The Old Pal consumer is not the one researching each plant’s lineage. Old Pal is for those who want weed, period, with no further qualifications. 

None of LA’s overly manicured un-reality makes its way into your pouch of ole’ buddy Old Pal. This is your friend who’s not on Instagram and has never heard of “glamping”. Low maintenance.


Old Pal’s packaging speaks directly to its intended customer. It is classic, no-frills, fundamentally functional, and intentionally antithetical to the trends of the day. Co-opting the format of roll-your-own tobacco further drives home this point. This is a great fit for anyone with a full day of the great outdoors ahead of them who doesn’t want to spend any additional time, money, or attention on the weed. 

A pack of hemp rolling papers and some thicker material to roll into mouthpieces is attached to the top of the half-ounce pouch. A magnet clicks the pack of papers back together and leaves the bottom of the pouch to roll on.

The pre-ground flower ziplocked safely into the bottom of the pouch smells and feels nicer than anticipated. The texture is better than most shake and it feels really loving that your Old Pal ground it up for you. Unfortunately, it was your airhead friend who let more than a few stems past the velvet rope. 

Old Pal delivers on its stated ethos-it is built to share, surprisingly affordable, and it is weed. If these are the only requirements for your enjoyment-read no further, this one’s for you. Old Pal is perfect to throw in your purse or beach bag with no further questions. Take Old Pal camping, skiing, or surfing and you’ll still get your money’s worth even if some gets compromised by the elements.

old pal ready to roll reivew


Old Pal’s half-ounce rolling kit is made for joints and joints alone. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

The functionality is neat. Current/former cigarette smokers will find a familiar joy in the roll-your-own packaging and delight in finding cannabis in place of tobacco. 

What a time to be alive.

The weed itself? It’s fine. 

Perfect for campfire socials, sessionable, and easy on the senses. If you’re smoking with someone who’s new to legalized cannabis, this is a good stepping stone. 

Not much sensation in the body and none of the physical slo-mo a heavy indica often provides. It manifests buzzy and alert over the third eye. Because Old Pal doesn’t differentiate between strains I doubt they are diligent in keeping the sativas/indicas separate. No flavor on the inhale and a really quick burn through the loose leaves.


Jaw-droppingly under $50 for a half O. Worth exactly that.

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