The Best Cannabis Products To Share With Friends And Family

by Bridey Hicks

What are the best cannabis products to share with friends and family during the holidays?

Weed is in the air this holiday season. Getting together with friends and family is definitely well earned this year, and there’s nothing better than coming home for the first time in months, turning on relaxation mode, and making it a cannabis holiday. 

The holidays are the perfect time to share the love of weed with your friends and family. The best part? There are an endless amount of cannabis products out there, so you’ll be set for any situation that comes your way. Some products are great for taking a break from the annual family jam sesh, while others will help ignite silly conversation with your oldest friend. 

From siblings to dates, to friends, and even grandma – we’ve got you covered for any situation this year.

Best weed to share with your siblings

It’s important siblings stick together in these trying times. 

XL Wedding Crashers Preroll

This is perfect for a quick pass around, and it’ll get the party started too. With this Sativa, you’ll feel immediately energized, giggly, and be able to socialize super easily. No one has to know you’re all huddled in the backyard making up your own fishing story, especially Uncle Ron. 

Camino Gummies Pineapple Habanero

Delicious, invigorating, and most importantly – unsuspecting. Give each of your siblings one of these bad boys, and watch their smile and plate grow. It’s a hybrid, so you’ll get the best of both worlds with an emphasis on the most perfect uplifting feel. Plus, it’ll keep you going all night. 

Best cannabis to share with a significant other

If it’s your first time bringing someone home for the holidays, it’s totally natural for awkwardness to ensue. Look no further for the ultimate awkwardness destroyers:

Dogwalker OG

It’s a THC dominant hybrid of Albert Walker and Chemdog 91 that promotes focus, mood elevation, stress relief, and even arousal if that’s your cup of tea. Pop in a ½ gram of this yummy extract into your vape pen and feel the awkwardness slowly drift away. 

XJ13 Blunt

No need to set up anything for this beautiful blunt. This THC dominant hybrid of Jack Herer and G13 Haze is known for its uplifting, and euphoric buzz. Take a walk with your holidate and get vibey. 

Best products to introduce to grandma

Whether your grandma was a toker back in the day or has been hearing a lot about all this cannabis stuff lately, smoking with grandma can be an amazing experience. Of course, you’ll want to gauge her experience level first and foremost. If you’re going for a surprise gift to share with her, here are two products for a light and comfortable high. 

Blue Dream Disposable

Blue Dream is GREAT for granny. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid, which means she’ll get the giggles but also have the body relaxation you look for. It’s great for creativity and also a wonderful helper in alleviating pain if any. 

CBD Protab

If your grandma isn’t into the giggles and head high, the fast-acting CBD Protab is perfect for her. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, so you’ll just get the relaxation part. And plus, their tablets, she grandma doesn’t have to smoke a single thing if she doesn’t want to!

Best pot for seeing your hometown best friend again

So this gift is obviously less intimate than others, but it’s still important to get something fun for your once a year hang pal. And it better be the good stuff. 

Sour Diesel

This ½ ounce is absolutely perfect for reminiscing with your friend. It’s a classic, you’ve probably smoked it together a million times, so you know the effects like the back of your hand. Sativa-dominant, uplifting, and potent. Roll up a j or break out the pipe, you’ve both earned this. 

XL OG Kush Preroll

For them to have on their own, or for the both of you to share at your favorite lookout – this preroll has got your back. This hybrid has become a staple for relaxation, euphoria, and a little bit of couch lock. Couch lock may be called for after family dinner, that’s totally chill. 

Get your cannabis delivered by Emjay

Look, the holidays are around the corner. Mittens, bracelets, and gift cards are neat – but you’ll be surprised how happy any of these products will make your loved ones. And the best part? They’re on-demand. So if you’re running out of time, just add your favorites to your cart and it’ll be delivered to you ASAP. Emjay has the product, and Emjay has your back. 

Be safe and Happy holidaze!

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