The Top 5 Best Rolling Papers for Cannabis

by Bridey Hicks
photo by jeff w on unsplash_The Top 5 Best Rolling Papers

Some people believe all rolling papers are created equal. Well, we’re here to tell you that some rolling papers are better than others – especially when it comes to the best rolling papers for smoking weed.  A rolling papers’ size, material, flavor, and more all contribute to what makes some rolling papers better than others.

Below is a list of the top 5 best rolling papers.

Elements ultra thin rice rolling paper (1.25 size)

Elements ultra thin rice rolling paper_top 5 best rolling papers

We love Elements Rice Rolling Paper. It’s some of the thinnest paper you’ll be able to find, and since thinner is better in this case, it’ll make your joint burn more evenly and slowly. With almost no flavor, it’s an excellent rolling paper for an experienced joint roller or someone who really wants to taste the strain of their weed. Since the rolling papers are so thin, it has the potential to be tricky for people who a new to rolling joints. Believe in yourself. Watch a youtube video over and over – you can do this. 

RAW unrefined classic rolling papers (1.25 size)

RAW-Classic_top 5 best rolling papers

You’ve either seen people rolling with RAW classic rolling papers, or you’ve been living in a rock for several decades. They are beloved for a reason: cheap, accessible, and thin. You can find these at almost any smoke shop, and are incredibly affordable. They’re the same size as the Elements, so they’ll burn similarly for rolling papers’ comparison sake. 

Zig-Zag french orange rolling rapers (1.25 size)

Zig Zag_top 5 best rolling papers

Zig-Zag’s bright orange packaging is hard to miss. Since they’re another set of rolling papers that are at every smoke shop (and maybe even some 711’s or liquor stores), they’re highly accessible to those looking for something a bit last minute. These are some of the oldest rolling papers, so we know the company and quality are something people keep coming back for. Made out of flax, Zig-Zag’s will give you a smooth and non-ashy joint rolling experience. 

Vibes rice rolling papers (1.25 size) 

vibes_top 5 best rolling papers

The vibes are high with any Vibes rolling papers you buy, but their rice paper rolling papers come in pretty hot. Probably not for the novice weed smoker; these are made for those who know and LOVE the joint rolling process. While most rice paper can be flimsy for some, these weirdly just aren’t. The burn will be slow, and the flavor will be perfect. Run, don’t walk, to the Vibes. 

Juicy Jay Rolling Papers (1.25 size)

juicy jay_top 5 best rolling papers

If you’re looking for something a little tasty, Juice Jay’s are where it’s at. Made for smoking herb, these rolling papers are as thin as the rest, but instead of a paper taste, you have the choice between 30+ flavors. Want your smoke sesh infused with watermelon? Easy. You’ll have a smooth and tasty drag, and you can put your worries aside because Juicy Jay’s are made with hemp, sugar gum, and a small amount of soy ink for the printing process. 

Now that you know the top 5 best rolling papers, you can go into any store confident and zeroed in. 

If your local smoke shop doesn’t have your favorite, try these rolling paper alternatives in a pinch.

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