Cannabis Product Review: Himalaya Vanilla Frosting Live Sauce Resin Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw
Himalaya Vape live resin sauce review from Emjay

Himalaya Vanilla Frosting Live Resin Vape At-A-Glance


Himalaya's fantastic Live Resin vape offers sky high relief worth scouring desolate artic wastelands for.


Gentle but potent somatic unwind keeps the spirit elevated and released with a stratospheric carefree mental vantage.


Surprisingly affordable for the quality and experience-$25 for the Half Gram.

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Vape your way to a mental Everest with Himalaya's Vanilla Frosting Live Resin Sauce Vape here on Emjay.

About Himalaya 

Named after the highest place on Earth on purpose, Himalayas’ full-spectrum extracts take us skyward much quicker than any mountain climber ever could. With the rallying cry to “Keep Weed Real” Himalaya only uses cannabis-derived terpenes in their oil for true-to-flower flavor and experience. The fantastic catchphrases keep coming with Himalayas’ dedication to “all the sticky, none of the icky” in their focus on safe and clean oil. Without thinners or solvents, Himalaya proudly makes the lab testing results of each product available via the QR code on the box.

Himalaya offers flower, concentrates, and vapes in oil and live resin offerings. All begin with sun-grown flower sourced from small-batch family farms across Northern California’s beloved terrier. From timeless classic to heirloom strains Himalaya offers an impressive lineup of offerings across its wide range of high altitude goodies. For their original vapes, the strains get creative in options like Knight Rider, Key Lime Pie, and Stoopid Fruits. A 1:1 CBD: THC cart even offers the option for a more even-keeled vaping relief.

With their Live Resin carts, Himalaya offers more for the ole’ timer—Wedding Cake, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, and Trainwreck which I owe the honor of disrupting my ability to participate in The Socratic Method more than once in law school. If you’re new to the cannabis game these are your elders and deserve to be respected as such. For those who’ve done the required reading, Himalaya offers an alternate rubric on the new-fangled: The Bling; Blue Banana; and the spoon-licking invitation of the Vanilla Frosting featured here.


A journey through the Nepali Himalaya is where the cannabis company got its name. Home to the highest place on Earth and attributed with the origin point of our most beloved magical plant, Himalaya’s namesake label was founded in 2015 in hopes of honoring this natural sanctity in vape format. Himalaya proudly takes to shelves with independent ownership and a lack of financially backing that would compromise their vision for quality and cleanliness above all else. Himalaya’s dabs even avoid the pitfalls of using trim and color remediation. This commitment to quality often greatly exceeds this price point so hats off to Himalaya for making it accessible for everyone.

Himalaya’s website boasts a gorgeous photograph of some Tibetan Prayer Flags and seems to have come for their origin-story journey to Nepal. In a bright, vibrant rainbow of colors representing the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and wind and the north, south, east, west, and center. These prayer flags are meant to be hung high where they may flutter and carry silent prayers on the wind. With the intention of receiving these as a gift versus buying them for yourself, Tibetan Prayer Flags are said to amplify well wishes when hung with loved ones.

Living in a city like Los Angeles (which let’s be honest there really is nothing else similar) it is very easy to lose sight of what’s sacred. When everything (and someone might say everyone) is seemingly bought and sold for a price it’s hard for Angelenos to remember the ultimate goal is not notoriety or getting optioned by a major studio. Within this context, the search for divinity also ends up being watered down, reduced, and offered in the bargain bin without much of a second thought. “Namaste” isn’t something cute to say at the end of yoga but the culmination of millennia of reverent tradition. Let’s let our cannabis practice be our silent prayer of thanks to the Earth and all it provides us. Whether you’re smoking alone or with friends tonight take some time to consider—What do you consider sacred? And how can you bring more of that into your daily practices?


Himalaya’s packaging is beautiful, elegant, and surprisingly discreet. With a glowing center emblem of the expected mountain range accented in gold, the majesty of the earth is centered against the gorgeous matte blue background. Proclaiming “Fresh From the Farm Live Resin Sauce” Himalaya lists City of Trees, CA as HQ and draws you in with every gorgeous & impeccably chosen detail. The package is lightweight, thin, and doesn’t seem like it holds anything to do with weed. If you got your only cool co-worker as your White Elephant this year, slip them one of these at your office holiday party, and the squares amongst you won’t even know what they’re looking at.

The side of the fantastically designed package shows the treasure awaiting inside—a lovely Himalaya branded half-gram with a tapered white mouthpiece and an understated simple appeal. On the other flap, a delectable-looking cupcake topped with the exact icing you’d expect lives joyfully underneath’s Himalaya’s perfectly played invitation to “Go Higher”. This is how you win hearts and minds and I personally am enamored before I break open the box. Himalaya feels more like a mindfully sourced, fair trade self-care good than a dispensary find. And that bodes well for trust in a product you’re about to ingest. 

Stopping by Emjay’s home base in LA—Sherbinskis on Fairfax—I was lucky enough to avail myself of a free battery promotion and got myself a 510 threaded battery and charger included with the Vanilla Frosting purchase. Emjay has great deals and so does Sherbz so keep an eye on our social media for all the discounts, bargains, and free goodies. Himalayas’ battery comes with instructions for our newcomers and the promise of a full refund for any defective or subpar parts. Mine came in gorgeous deep maroon with the Himalaya emblem and the Go Higher trademark. I love throwing on a winning team’s jersey and am so happy to get a matching set from this beautiful brand.

When you pop open the lid a message lets you know that a portion of your purchase has gone towards protected endangered Himalayan wildlife. What’s more a very reassuring reminder sits beneath the cart reminding you that their oil contains no thinners, solvents, or artificial flavors with the dope Tibetan Prayer Flag picture from the website printed on the back.  The cart itself comes vacuum packed in a foil wrapper for maximum freshness and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such commitment to keeping it a vape crisp before. And the efforts absolutely work. Cutting into the pouch a surprisingly dank true-to-Earth weedy aroma opens into the air. 

Vanilla Frosting’s inhale is outright delicious. The flavor is crisp, nearly weightless, and (as promised) absolutely loyal to the taste of flower. My favorite vape carts are the ones that recreate the experience of old-school vaporizers. The inhale has some background notes of light citrus grounded in creamy vanilla but neither is more than wistfully apparent. The harder you rip vanilla frosting the closer you get to understanding where the name came from. The smoothness of the hit, the high terpene retention, and the pure potency of the smoke makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud of well-being with no signs of coming down.

Vanilla Frosting is a great choice if you’re looking for a creamy smooth chill without wanting to get stupid. The mind is gently unwound but left to move forward as-is without interference. Vanilla Frosting’s high feels like the release of a good stretch—although the effect is therapeutic and deeply felt it’s subtle and airy. This is a rich, joyful lift that relaxes you into a centered peacefulness. If you consider being stoned undesirable, this is the perfect smoke for you—it raises you up instead of bogging you down. 


Live Resin from Himalaya really really steps up the 510 experience and if you are curious start with this amazingly priced delight for $25.

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