What are the Effects of Zkittlez?

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What Are the Effects of Zkittlez?

When we think of Zkittlez (pronounced skittles) we think of the sugary fruit-packed candy that is sure to fill your taste buds with a rainbow of flavor. When we think of weed, we think of the earthy dank smells and flavors that have become standard over the years.

Over the years, growers have begun creating insane blends to give us exactly what we didn’t even know we wanted. From specific flavors, to some of the strongest weed on the market, they have continued to push the limits.

One bud that has pushed these limits is Zkittlez, packed with more flavor than we thought possible and enough potency to keep you glued to the couch.

While the exact hybrid cross is kept a secret, growers have now created a multi-time award-winning, fruit flavor packed strain that’s sure to impress.

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

The first question when it comes to the effects of any strain is “What is its type?”

Weed is typically found in two primary categories: Indica and Sativa.

Originally, Sativa cannabis plants were grown across Europe, which were harvested for their fibers and oils. With this goal, plants were grown larger and larger, leading to long, slender leaves and low THC levels.

Sativa is now referred to as plants with long slender leaves, which now have higher THC, focused on feelings of energy and creativity. These are used often in medical marijuana to treat depression, anxiety, fatigue, and loss of appetite, and can focus on energizing your body, brain, or a mix of both. These plants often grow 10+ feet tall, and produce large yields.

Indica now refers to buds that produce the mellow high, often referred to as feelings of full-body relaxation. Medically, Indica is used for muscle tension, pain, inflammation, and other physical issues. When grown, you can expect shorter plants with very dense buds and high trichome counts.

Hybrids are extremely common, as growers cross breed strains of Indica and Sativa to achieve a blended goal. This can leave you with a bud that allows your body to relax while your brain becomes active, or an energized brain with a calm mind. This has allowed more focused treatments for individuals with anxiety or depression, to target their specific symptoms.

Hybrids are defined by which strain is dominant. This means you can have an Indica dominant strain, Sativa dominant strain, or an equal hybrid.

Pretty much everything you buy at a dispensary nowadays is some type of hybrid.

What is Zkittlez?

When looking at Zkittlez, you will find a 60% Indica dominant hybrid.

This means while this strain may sometimes be referred to as an Indica, it’s nearly an equal hybrid, giving you feelings of both energy and relaxation.

When looking at the overall goals of the breeder, Zkittlez appears to be focused on creating an amazing flavor profile, while maintaining a medium-high THC level. This strain is known for calming the entire body, while keeping the brain active and energized.

This bud had impressed the judges across the nation in 2015, winning the Best Indica at both the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan.

What To Expect

With such a complex and interesting strain, you may be wondering what you can expect from Zkittlez.

Is it the right bud for you?

With so many great products on the market today, there’s a couple of categories you can keep in mind to help you pick your perfect pot. There’s a perfect bud out there for everyone, and Zkittlez may be the perfect bud for you.


Zkittlez has been described as nothing short of amazing. Weed can often be found in a large variety of colors but not usually all in one plant so vibrantly.

The buds are typically bright green with hues of purple, with the stigmas or hairs ranging from yellow to orange — the bud is covered quite densely in highly crystalline trichomes.

To add to the flower’s amazement, the leaves of this strain can be seen anywhere from dark purples, to reds, to yellow, to bright green. This cannabis truly appears to be exotic with its color and shape.


The first thing you’ll notice as you open your bud is the strong aroma of candy. As the name would suggest, you can expect a pleasantly overwhelming blend of fruit and sugar that can only be associated with opening a pack of actual skittles.

As you break the bud apart, you will find a release of that fruity smell mixed with a citrus tang. Once lit, these fruit and citrus notes will continue to grow.


The citrus base found in Zkittles will create a refreshing feel as it’s inhaled, followed by the flavors of grape, lemon, and mixed berry. The flavor of grape is often left behind in your mouth and nose, creating an ongoing refreshing feeling.

This sweetness makes this bud a go-to for hot days, where you would like to feel refreshed.

Effects on the Body

With different hybrids, you can expect different effects on your body. Zkittlez has been grown to give you a great flavor, while calming your body and energizing your mind.

First Pull

Zkittlez can be a hard hitting bud, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you start taking massive hits.

This strain is known to kick in quickly, starting with a bit of pressure around the eyes. You will then begin to feel extremely focused with the feeling of motivation, then leading to your body beginning to relax. This relaxation spreads from your back, to your feet, and to your fingertips, so it’s recommended to be used as an evening relaxation bud.

It’s important to start out small when smoking Zkittlez. A large dose can lead to higher brain activity and  a more intense body high, which should be avoided if you have issues with anxiety.

Medical Use

With the overall feeling of brain energization and body relaxation, this has become a great option for treating depression, stress, nausea, pain, and has become a staple in treating ADHD symptoms.

The relaxing feeling has also become a great option to encourage creativity and social interactions.

As the high begins to wear off, a feeling of sleepiness will flow over the body. Many people have found success in using Zkittlez to help with insomnia and get them to bed.

Take note that some users have claimed feelings of dizziness, dry eyes, or dry mouth. If you are sensitive to these side effects, you should first use Zkittlez at home.

Buying Zkittlez

When purchasing popular strains such as Zkittlez, you can expect to find a range of products on the market to match what you enjoy. This means you can find your favorite weed in vapes, oils, tinctures, edibles and much more.

Buying from a trusted source will ensure you’re getting the bud you expect, with the effects you’re looking for. Any source selling cannabis will be required to check your ID before the sale. Even the weed we deliver to your door will be done so by a professional.

If a deal or price seems too good to be true, it often is. Growers take extreme care when creating these amazing strains, and costs are generally standard across in the industry.

Things To Know Before Buying

The internet is your doorway to a range of information. When buying weed, you want to check the flavor profile, aroma, effects on your body, and the CBD/THC levels.

You can also expect to find variations of each strain. Zkittlez for example, if often used as a baseline for other flavorful buds such as Infused Blue Zkittlez, Sour Zkittlez, and many more. This allows you to choose a product that fits your exact wants.

That’s Skittlez!

With such a large selection of options on the market packed with fruity flavor, you can now enjoy your favorite candy flavor with every bowl. Sit back and relax while your body releases it’s tensions and pains, and your mind becomes focused.

Great for gaming, movies, or a chill time listening to music, Zkittlez is a perfect choice for a relaxing afternoon, and you can get it and other amazing picks right here from Emjay.

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