What Can You Use Cannabis Concentrates For?

by Leslie McMann

How do you use cannabis concentrates and extracts?

Concentrates are the new horizon in the cannabis industry. More potent and more easily preserved than flower, they can also be a bit intimidating to even experienced flower users. For one thing, the many substances (sugars, waxes, oils, badder, budder, shatter, etc.) look nothing like the beautiful green nuggets we all love. But for those who want to decrease the amount of time spent smoking weed without compromising their THC consumption, cannabis concentrates are a necessity.

Use concentrate to top off a bowl or joint (kief, sugar, the hard brittle consistencies)

The easiest way to begin using concentrates is to just add them to whatever you’re already smoking. Concentrates with a brittle, powdery consistency like kief and sugar can be sprinkled on top of flower in a bowl, vape, or joint to instantly increase potency. No need to buy extra accessories or use extreme heat. You can even make your own moonrocks. All you need are some premium nuggets, liquid concentrate, kief and time. Just dip the flower in the liquid, roll in the kief and set to dry. The moonrocks can then be broken up for use.

Make your own infused-joint (liquids or waxes)

If you want to challenge your rolling skills, try replicating infused pre-rolls and blunts at home by dipping your wraps in liquid concentrate or hash oil. Waxes can also be wrapped around joints. Express yourself artistically by laying the wax in a pattern around the wrap…or just glob it on there. Same effect either way. And there’s nothing stopping you from doubling up on concentrates and layering more kief, sugar or wax in with the flower. Again, you still only need a regular lighter or match to burn your infused-joint.

Vape concentrates (handheld refillable vs. pre-filled; oils)

If you wish to leave behind smoking flower all together, you should get yourself a vape. Pre-filled vape pens are most commonly filled with hash oil. Using pre-filled and disposable cartridges takes any mess out of the equation, since you will never directly touch the hash oil until it is vapor in your mouth. Once the cartridge is empty, you just unscrew from your battery and throw it out. But if you would like to experiment with a variety of concentrate textures, handheld refillable vapes can vaporize almost any consistency of concentrate: wax, shatter, badder, you name it. And Mother Earth will thank you for lessening your carbon footprint by going reusable.


If you want to maximize the effect of your concentrates, you need to start dabbing. “Dabbing” is the slang for vaporizing concentrates in an oil rig using a heated “nail” made of quartz or titanium. Because of the high temperature needed to vaporize the concentrates, the heat source is usually a handheld blowtorch. But don’t let a giant blue flame intimidate you! There are also electric nail options that are flame-free. Dabbing delivers a strong high almost immediately. Beginners often feel like they’ve just smoked an entire blunt after only one hit off their first dab. Of all the methods listed, dabbing will extract the most THC from your concentrate.

Get cannabis concentrates and extracts delivered

Concentrates may bewilder the inexperienced, but anyone can quickly get the hang of them. It may take some experimentation to find the perfect method and consistency for you, but at Emjay we will always offer you the best variety in cannabis concentrates.

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