What Happens When You Combine Caffeine and Weed?

by Bridey Hicks
photo by pariwat-pannium on unsplash_What happens when you combine caffeine and weed?

Weed and caffeine is a classic combo. Whether that sounds fun to you or not, it’s essential to be cautious about it, as they both have quite the impact on your body. However, some say it gives them the most energy and creative spirit they’ve had in years, so let’s talk about it.  

What’s the deal?

If weed and caffeine don’t affect you negatively, you might be in the clear to try out this combo. If so, brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of pleasant effects. You may initially experience some euphoria and heightened alertness because you’re combining two stimulants. Of course, the effects can vary depending on the weed strain you smoke and how much you consume. According to this 2014 study, it seems that even low levels of caffeine can enhance your high, which means you may not have you use as much weed as you usually do. It’s important to note that this also means that if you have a lot of caffeine, you might end up using more than you’re used to. 

photo by sahand hoseini on unsplash_What happens when you combine caffeine and weed?

Potential downsides

Before you chug that second cup of coffee and take a few hits of your joint, you should know some potential downsides. For instance, a weed and caffeine combo can sometimes lead to anxiety in certain people. Just like the downsides of only smoking weed or only drinking caffeine, they both affect people in different ways. If you get the jitters and increased heart rate from a cup of coffee, combining weed and caffeine may not be the right thing for you. In the same vein, if weed makes you paranoid or uncomfortable, adding caffeine into the equation will certainly not help ease the anxiety. Listen to your body, and learn your limits. 

Where do I start?

With all marijuana-related escapades & experiments, it’s important to start slow. Slowing down your usual intake will help you monitor how caffeine and weed affect your body. Begin with a low dose of caffeine and weed, sit with it for at least 30 minutes, and then gradually up your intake until you’re satisfied with the high. Maybe a cup of coffee and one joint hit will be plenty for you. Or perhaps you drink two cold brews a day and are perfectly fine with smoking a whole joint to yourself. Either way, test the waters to better understand how your body responds to the cocktail. 

So whether you’re seeking a burst of energy and creativity or simply curious about the hype around mixing caffeine and weed, remember to approach it with mindfulness and moderation. Your unique chemistry will ultimately guide your experience, and it’s important to know how your body reacts to both substances. If you’re up for it, cheers to embarking on a new adventure where caffeine and weed do the tango.

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