Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

by Leslie McMann
Where to buy cannabis seeds online Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Have you ever opened up a new bag of weed and found a little seed inside? Did you cradle the seed carefully between your thumb and forefinger and think ‘this is it, the start of my cannabis empire!” Did you toil for weeks, nurturing your plant from seedling to full-grown plant so you could harvest weed whose smoke was all the sweeter because of all the love and sweat put into it? Whether this has happened to you before or you wish it had, it’s time to buy your own cannabis seeds and start growing.

Seeds are one of the hardest cannabis products to buy because their quality is hard to verify. After all, to anyone without a good background in botany or horticulture, seeds all kind of look the same. And anyone who grew up listening to Jack and the Beanstalk knows better than to just go planting something you can’t identify. There are also several illegal or scammy online retailers purporting to sell seeds across state and even international lines— a huge no-no for anyone looking to stay on this side of a prison fence. These sites will often feature large “legal disclaimers” that have no bearing in court, or describe the cannabis seeds as “novelty items” with phrases such as “meant for collectors, not for growing.” That’s if they’re even sending you legit cannabis seeds at all— you could end up growing regular garden weeds instead.

Lucky you, we’ve collected a list of reputable, respectable establishments that can sell you bonafide cannabis seeds.

The 4 best places to buy cannabis seeds online:

1. Emjay

Yep, we sell seeds, friends. Even premium cannabis seeds from renowned genetic cultivators Terphogz. And if you’re too tired from building your new state-of-the-art aquaponic grow house to come to get the seeds yourself, we’ll deliver them to you. And as usual, we do not have a delivery fee, even if your order is just one packet of seeds. Relax with some lemonade or CANN and just wait for the stork to drop off your baby cannabis.

2. A dispensary

As much as we love delivery, a storefront dispensary is still one of the best spots to buy cannabis seeds. For one thing, you’ll be able to ask the budtender any questions you have about growing and take their recommendations. Call up the independent dispensaries around you and ask what seeds they have in stock and what they would recommend to a grower of your skill level.

3. Leafly

If you need help finding a dispensary near you that sells cannabis seeds, check out Leafly. Leafly has made a name for itself as an online encyclopedia-almanac of cannabis info. You’ll find descriptions of strains, catalogs of products, links to online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as great articles on industry news and cannabis culture.

4. Weedmaps

Emjay delivery is offered through Weedmaps, so you can easily find a seed delivery service in your city. When it comes to making connections in the cannabis world, Weedmaps and its expansive software is the glue holding our consumer market together. If you want to do an in-depth exploration of all the seeds available for recreational purchase in your area, Weedmaps can guide you on the journey, showing you specifically where to buy and what is in stock there at the moment. When you order delivery on Weedmaps, you’d be ordering through that delivery service (like Emjay) on the Weedmaps platform. Choices abound!

Whether you just enjoy gardening, want to feel a deeper connection to the plant you smoke or are in the early stages of starting a massive cannabis empire, all grows start with just one seed. The purveyors listed above offer a wide variety of different strains suited to different growing environments and skill levels, but by cultivating your own plants you have the power to breed new strains. With enough TLC, who knows? Maybe soon we’ll be buying weed from you!

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