5 Creative Ways To Smoke Weed

by Doug

What are some creative ways to smoke weed?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to smoking weed. Some people like pre-rolls, others enjoy cannabis without any paper. You can try classic methods like using pipes or bongs, but you can also get creative when it comes to smoking.

Rolled joints have always been a popular choice. But, there are situations where you may not have any rolling papers or pre-rolls available. Or, you might simply prefer a different method or want to find a healthier way to smoke.

Regardless of why you’re interested in trying something new and creative, you have a ton of options available to you. Emjay put together this guide for you on alternative ways to smoke weed.

Alternatives to rolling papers

If you like joints, but find yourself out of rolling paper, what can you do? It is important to keep in mind that other paper-like materials can also work. Anything from a gum wrapper to cigarette paper can work as a substitute. Even the paper used in a phone book is thin enough to be used (if you still have one of those lying around).

Apple pipe

Want to try something new? Next time you get groceries, be sure to pick up an extra apple or two. This is a fun and natural method that many people try at least once. Plus, it works in a pinch if you are out of paper and have no way to get more until later.

It does not take long to make either and many people say that it is smooth. To get started you are going to need these supplies:

  • One big apple
  • Knife 
  • Pen
  • Toothpick

Once you have found your apple, rinse thoroughly with water and pull the stem off. Use the toothpick to poke holes in the apple. You will want them to go straight down, part way through the core. Then, take everything out of the pen.

Halfway through the apple, stick the pen in and make a hole straight through, it should line up with the toothpick holes. Now, use the pen to make a hole where your thumb rests and remove any apple pieces from the pen tube to use as your mouthpiece.

From here, just place your flower on the top of the apple and light it. Some people prefer to make their own apple pipe over using rolling papers, as it can create a smoother draw than other methods.

Recycled soda can pipe

Those cans of La Croix in your fridge? They can double as pipes. 

Once empty, put a dent in the can where you want to put your herb on, and then poke holes in that dent. This allows the smoke to make its way through the can after you light it. It is easy to use your new bowl, just breathe the smoke from the hole that you would drink from.

This method works well if you do not have anything else around to use. However, you will need to be careful since the can gets very hot.

Tin foil bowl

Tin foil is another great alternative to paper. It is simple and you probably already have at home that you can use. Start by wrapping a piece of tin foil around a pencil or anything that is the same thickness. You will want to make it into either a cylinder or the shape of a cone.

Be sure to leave some tin foil at the end so you can bend it into a bowl. You also need to leave room for air and the smoke to go through. After that, fill your makeshift bowl and light it. Tin foil pipes are easy to make and clean up – just throw it out when you’re finished with it.

This is a classic homemade pipe that many people use when they are in a pinch and have nothing else around to use. They are quick and a creative solution to the problem of having no extra paper in the house.

Empty cigarette wrapper

Maybe you have cigarettes at home but want to smoke something else. In that case, you can use an empty cigarette wrapper to smoke herb. This is how you do it.

Empty the cigarette by twisting it and tapping it on a table. The tobacco should fall out. If you do this on a piece of paper or something similar it will be easier to throw out the unwanted tobacco. Once the wrapper is emptied, fill it with your choice of flower.

The wrapper can be easy to rip, so be careful during this stage. Remove the filer, then twist that end to keep the contents inside. That you get the full effects from smoking without having to worry about accidentally getting something in your mouth.

This method is easy and cigarette wrappers are meant to be burned, so they work perfectly for joints.

Get an accessory or weed delivered

If you have not tried it yet, Emjay can deliver to you, depending on where you live. We have a lot of different natural products and interesting accessories for you to try. If you want to try something creative and new, we have a lot of products for you to browse through.

Our accessories include electronic methods, pipes, and paper for you to use, plus more. We also have a wide selection of premium flower. Trying a new flavor or ratio can be fun and a creative way to have a new experience when smoking, without over complicating things.

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