The Guide To The Perfect Joint With Bentley Rolling

by Doug
Bentley Rolling, guide to the perfect joint

How do you roll the perfect joint?

So, you know how to roll but there’s something a little… off about your joints. Whatever the reason for your current subpar smoke situation, Bentley Rolling is here to help.

He’s got all the knowledge for how to roll the perfect joint. Follow Bentley’s lead, and you’ll have the tools to roll a joint that not only looks amazing but burns evenly throughout for an ideal toke. So, next time when you’re with friends and they bust out the bud, pull out your handy dandy Emjay rolling papers and tell them you got it this time.

Bentley is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer who has dedicated his platform to breaking down the negative and false stereotypes associated with cannabis. As someone who found herb more beneficial than traditional medicines to treat his anxiety, Bentley is all about finding ways the cannabis industry can become more accessible to those like him.

Get to know Bentley a little better while learning how to roll the best joint of your life.

The guide to rolling an amazing joint:


Bentey recommends Wonderbrett’s Lemon OZ Kush in this video, but you can use whatever flower you prefer.

To start, you’ve got to gather your tools:

  • Weed
  • Grinder
  • Pollen box
  • Something to pack down the flower into your joint (like a pen)
  • Lighter
  • Filter tips
  • Rolling tray

First, grind up your flower. Bentley does about 4-5 turns and then dumps it into his pollen box. Make sure your weed is fluffy but not powdery.

Next, take your paper and put your filter on one side. Hold your open paper like a shovel on that side, pinching the filter and the paper.

Then, sprinkle your weed into the open joint evenly. Try to keep it towards the filter side so when you go to roll it, the flower has somewhere to move rather than fall out.

Now grab the other side of the rolling paper and tap the filter tip towards the flower with your other hand and then pinch the paper around it.

It’s time to start rolling.

Always start from the filter side and make a tube of weed. Do this by rolling the paper above the filter and make the flower into the shape of your joint. Continue rolling the paper and just barely expose the filter from outside the paper.

Get ready for the most important part of your roll.

Make a nice tight seal by tucking the unglued side of the paper around the filter and pinching it. Smooth out the rest of the paper around the weed-tube.

Now you’re ready to lick and stick.

Bentley says lick the side with the filter and spread it across the whole joint with a sweeping motion of your finger as you rotate the paper.

Wait for the glue to dry and then begin the packing process. Pack your weed into the joint with a pen or similar object, holding your newly rolled joint by the top of the paper where the weed ends.

Get it nice and tight. If you have air pockets, your paper might split and run down one side and you won’t get an even smoke.

Let’s finish it off. Take the top of the joint and spin it together nice and tight, making a sort of wick. Fold it down and press and rotate. This will create a circle to burn the end of the joint paper off on. Then, it’s all about popping the top.

Once the top is popped, light it properly. Burn the cherry at the top evenly.

Time to wow & amaze all your friends.

Now you’re ready to level up your joints. Just make sure you remember a few of the points Bentley makes, your friends will thank you.

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