Tony Greenhand Teaches You How To Roll A Perfect Joint

by Doug
Tony Greenhand teaches you how to roll a joint

Tony Greenhand teaches you how to roll a joint.

This guy needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway.

It’s Tony Greenhand–the man, the myth, the professional joint roller (yes, that is literally his occupation). Name the cannabis publication, and he’s probably been featured in it. Search “cool joint art” on Google, and you’re probably looking at one of his creations. And now, he’s even on Quibi with his new show, Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand.

Lucky for us and you, Tony has also partnered with Emjay to give some tips and tricks on how to roll a joint like an expert.

Without further ado, let Mr. Greenhand introduce you to the narwhal method:

How to roll a joint with Tony Greenhand:

If you don’t know how to roll a joint, this video will be good for you. Even if you do know how to roll a joint, maybe this will help you get better.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Weed
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter
  • Grinder
  • Rolling tray

Start by making your narwhal. Take your paper, fold it in half, and take the bottom right hand corner with your right index finger and thumb. Then, grab the top with your left hand and twist the bottom corner with your right hand, just like you would a finished joint end.

Meet your narwhal by opening him up and filling him with weed. This little guy is your friend. He provides guidance. He is there for you. He is sturdy.

Now, begin rolling the papers together with your fingers. Start tucking the non-glue side around the weed.

With the shape you’ve made, slide a filter into the side of the joint without the narwhal horn. Go ahead and tuck the non-glue side under the side with the glue strip.

You’re now ready to seal your joint. Watch as Tony licks the back of where the glue is by licking his index finger and smearing it across the paper. This is better than licking the glue directly, as you may lick the glue off.

Finish off the process by twisting the top.

You’ve got a good joint now. But here’s how you make it a great one:

Tony usually makes his filter with a hole in the end. Without this next step, that would be pretty useless.

He pushes the original filter into the joint, so there’s some rolling paper hanging over it now.

He then makes another filter, by taking crutch paper and creating a block in the middle and then rolling the rest of the paper around it. He uses this filter to push in the original filter. This will trap in the airflow, creating a tunnel for a nice and even smoke.

To finish it off, stick the filter you’re using inside the original one and you’ve got a joint that hits perfectly every time.

Practice makes the perfect joint

How does he make joint-rolling look so easy? Practice, practice, practice. Although, with a family name like Greenhand, there might be some genetic gifts passed down too…

But don’t let that deter you! Head on over to our shop page and get all you need to try rolling a joint for yourself.

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