5 Weed Strains That Will Give You The Munchies

by Leslie McMann

What types of weed make you hungriest?

Thanksgiving in a regular year is hard enough, but this year is shaping up to be a real firestorm of stress and generational conflict, what with the pandemic and a recent election. We’re predicting many fights around the dinner table this year, from the classic “you’ve always liked ____ better than me, Dad!” to new gripes like “I can’t believe you would endanger Grandpa’s health by going to a bar last week.” Don’t you wish you could just focus on the food instead of the table conversation? Let Emjay help you out with that.

Long ago, stoners from “complicated” family backgrounds discovered that the euphoria and relaxation that comes from cannabis can take the edge off fraught encounters with relatives over the holidays. But even better, the classic side effect known as “munchies” is a boon at Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re curious as to why weed makes us hungry, check out our blog on it here!

Munchies are a sudden, almost voracious increase in appetite that can only be sated with comfort food.  Makes sense why so many cannabis users toking up before the big Thanksgiving meal, right? If you’re typically a small portion eater but face immense pressure from Grandma to eat everything she puts on your oversized plate, you need the munchies. If you’re a child of divorce who has to attend two Thanksgiving dinners in one night, you need the munchies. If you want to focus on what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about (the food) and ignore all the rest, you need the munchies. Because, hey, if you’re busy inhaling pie, no one can understand your garbled responses to annoying questions like, “So are you still single this year?”

5 of the most hunger-inducing weed strains

Below is our list of best strains to increase appetite, whether just for Thanksgiving or year round.

Girl Scout Cookies

Frequently abbreviated to GSC, the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies has a minty earthy smell similar to a Thin Mint. And while we can’t 100% verify, we suspect this strain got its name because you can easily eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies after smoking it. GSC is recommended to patients for nausea and appetite loss. It creates a very relaxed and happy feeling, but the most common negative side effect is dry mouth, so be sure to have a glass of water on hand.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid that still delivers the classic “in-da-couch” feeling of indicas– so don’t go for this one if your family expects you to play cornhole with them after dinner. Like the name implies, you will be glued to your seat and probably won’t stop eating until you remember how to stand up. The buds are known for their stickiness with an earthy and sour smell, and the taste is strong but doesn’t overpower.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is beloved among cannabis users new and old. It’s the best of both worlds: relaxing the body while invigorating the mind. This strain is good for people whose families expect a little more activity from their guests at Thanksgiving. After using Blue Dream, you’ll have a big appetite without being totally zonked. You’ll have a craving for every course, but still be able to articulate that this pecan pie is what you would bake as your signature if you ever went on Great British Bake-Off, with all the reasons why it would win you Star Baker.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t slow you down. Like it’s namesake, it has a sweet flavor that’s slightly peppery, and smells great. Wedding Cake is recommended for a variety of uses, from basic relaxation to increasing sexual pleasure. This strain increases all-over sensual pleasure– and taste is one of those senses. Just don’t moan too loudly at the table while you savor Aunt Marie’s famous stuffing. We recommend sharing it with your fiance before you announce the engagement to the whole family.


You notice how many of these strains that increase appetite are named after a delicious food? Sort of like they were named after whatever the grower wanted to eat after trying their crop for the first time. Gelato is related to Girl Scout Cookies, actually. They have similarities, but Gelato is stronger, like your cousin who goes to the gym all the time. Make sure you can handle Gelato’s increased potency. You don’t want this Thanksgiving to be remembered because your precocious little niece kept saying, “What red eyes you have, Auntie! And how anxious you look!”

Bon appétit!

Our team here at Emjay would like to wish everyone a happy and hungry Thanksgiving, and we offer our congratulations to the states that recently voted to legalize recreational cannabis! Many things currently divide us, whether it be physical space or differences in values and beliefs. Let’s make sure we can all feel welcome this Thanksgiving sharing a joint with any who wish to partake.

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