The Best Cannabis Strains For Beginners

by Leslie McMann

What’s the best weed for beginners?

Nothing turns someone off cannabis like a bad first experience. Maybe you remember that one guy who got “too high” and ruined a house party. Maybe you were that one guy. But no one needs to suffer their first time getting high. You just have to pick the right strain.

Still, that can be overwhelming. You’re probably thinking, “How am I supposed to know if I like OG Lemonberry Passion Skunk Moo Moo Kush, or any other strain?” Ask, and you shall receive! This knowledge lies with the wisest of stoners… but if you don’t know anyone to consult in-person, try our guide to the best strains for beginners.

Strains high in CBD

Beginners should try high-CBD strains when starting out, to avoid negative side effects like paranoia that can come from high doses of the other psychoactive compound in weed, THC. But, most people don’t get “high” with these strains.

Some of the most popular strains with high CBD content are…

Charlotte’s Web: developed for medicinal use in children, so it has almost no THC content, delivering only body high in the form of relaxation and pain management, with no psychological high.

ACDC (no relation to the rock band): a CBD-dominant strain popular with medicinal users who want their body to feel good but still keep their wits about them.

Harlequin: an even balance of THC and CBD. The body-calming effects of the CBD offset any anxiety that might normally affect someone not used to THC. Think of the THC as a kiddy pool, and the CBD are your floaties, there for your safety.

Strains low in THC

So you’re ready to take off your CBD training wheels? Classic strains are your path forward, young apprentice. While many growers these days toil away to create more and more potent strains, these oldies-but-goodies have been consistent favorites since the Summer of Love. No has-beens here, just good vibes:

Maui Wowie: a classic sativa from the 1960s that delivers a typically consistent high that is exactly what you would expect – mild euphoria, creativity, red eyes. Popular with the hippies back then. By modern standards, it is considered low-THC.

Blue Dream: the bicycle of stoners; everyone has had a ride with Blue Dream. An old reliable hybrid that gives a calm high to relax the body.

Northern Lights: an indica perfect for sleep, or just being a couch potato. Users of Northern Lights report a full-body high and total mind relaxation.

Low-cost strains

If you don’t want to spend too much on weed before knowing you like it, check out Old Pal’s Shareable Flower. They offer simple cannabis products for everyone. Their eighths are an unbeatable price ($17) and come in sativa, indica or hybrid. Like we said, simple and easy.

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