The Best Indica Strains for 2023

by Bridey Hicks
photo by kym mackinnon on unsplash_The 5 best indica strains 2023

New year, new indica strains. Or new year, some new-strains-but-mostly-the-same-strains-that-have-been-the-best-for-decades. If you’re looking for the perfect strain to ease your social anxiety or just to help you relax and fall asleep, look no further. The best indica strains heading into 2023 might be the best indica strains yet.


pinkies_gelato_The best indica strains 2023

Tried and true, this hybrid delivers time and time again. It’s a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, so you know it will have a sweet punch. Gelato is best for making you feel sedated while also feeling creative and social, which is kind of the best-case scenario if you’re at a social gathering. Additionally, if you’re experiencing chronic pain or have a sudden loss of appetite, a hit or two of Gelato will be an excellent remedy. 

Strawberry Banana

Neon Acres_Strawberry Banana_The best indica strains 2023

If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting indica, Strawberry Banana has come to sedate you. Crossing Banana Kush with Bubble Gum is where it inherits its sweet flavor and pungent aroma It’s on the higher side of THC content (26% THC), but it will leave you with a peaceful and happy demeanor. Strawberry Banana will be there to uplift you if you’re having anxiety or pain. 

Northern Lights

Kurvana_Northern Lights_The best indica strains 2023

Northern Lights is still up in the air as to what exact strains have made it the perfect indica. Most people say it’s a close cross between Thai and Afghani, which are both strains that give you immediate cerebral effects. If you’re looking for a lazy day or evening, just one or two hits of Northern Lights will do it for you. The mix of couch lock and an immediate sense of happiness is hard to argue. Everyone loves it. We love it. We bet you’ll also love it if you want to feel peaceful and fully relaxed. 

Skywalker OG 

Another classic, Skywalker OG, is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. While it’s an indica-leaning hybrid, there’s only around 10% sativa. So couch-lock lovers swear by Skywalker OG, leaving their pain and anxiety at an all-time low. Goodbye back pain, hello euphoria, and complete and utter relaxation. 

Afghan Kush

Chronic pain sufferers, step right up. This indica is unique from the rest because it has some CBD in it. So the body high will really be at the forefront of your experience. Grab some snacks, snuggle under a blanket and feel immediately relaxed, both body and mind. You may let out a little giggle about how truly relaxed you feel, and we support that. 

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