The Best Indica Strains For Sleep

by Bridey Hicks
Best Indica Strains for Sleep

What are the best indica strains for sleep?

Whether you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or just want to conk out, cannabis can be a fantastic help. It’s been said for many generations that cannabis is the key to sleeping problems. 

Specifically, the indica strain is known to do wonders in the bedtime department. Because the indica strain usually has relatively lower THC levels than its sativa counterpart – it’s known to be more of a sedative for relaxation. Sedative + relaxation= the ultimate sleep vibes.

How do you tell which weed is good for sleep?

Trust your body. Every strain can affect the user differently. While one strain may make you sink into the couch, that same strain could have someone else experiencing feelings of paranoia.

A good rule of thumb for finding the perfect strain for sleep is by looking at the amount of THC (should be less than 20%). You should also look for a strain with relaxing terpenes, and honestly, a strain with a good amount of CBD won’t hurt either.

If there is too much THC in your bud, it may leave you feeling sluggish when you wake up. We don’t want you sluggish, we want you thriving. 

The best indica strains for sleep:

Northern Lights – 18% THC; 0% CBD

Northern lights is known for being one of the most popular Indica’s ever. This sedating, heavy-body high is great for stress and chronic pain, but most of all, it’ll have you snoozing in minutes. Try the Northern Lights Distillate by Select. You’ll thank us in the morning.

Granddaddy Purple – 17.5% THC; 0% CBD

Granddaddy Purple may very well be the best strain for sleep. Since it has high levels of terpene myrcene (a terpene that provides relaxing effects), this will be extra helpful if you ever experience pain when in bed. Let your body relax and check out the Granddaddy Purps by Jetty Extracts.

Remedy – 0% THC; 13% CBD

Coming in hot! We’re talking about the most magnificent sleep aid and pain manager you can buy. Since it doesn’t have THC, there are little to no psychoactive effects. This means it gives you that perfect feeling when trying to fall asleep – relaxed, and at ease. Try the Remedy CBD Oil by Mary’s Medicinals and get to bed.

Purple Punch – 18.5 THC% and 0 CBD

The amazing love child of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. With both of their classic sedating effects, Purple Punch is a guaranteed knockout, that’s for sure. Starting from your head down to your feet, you’ll feel stuck to your bed in no time. Try out the Purple Punch Distillate by STIIZY, we swear by it.

Ice Cream Cake = 21% THC; 0% CBD
A creamy indica dream, indeed. Ice Cream Cake tends to come on faster than the others. Be ready for a fast, and full-body high. Check out the Ice Cream Cake by Local Cannabis Company. Oh and, get your pillow. You’re gonna need it.

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