Best Things to Do While High in San Francisco

by Leslie McMann
photo by amogh manjunath on unsplash_best things to do while high in san francisco

Emjay may be new to the Golden City, but we’re already in love with San Francisco. The Bay Area has been the center of American cannabis culture for decades, and we’re excited to bring our excellent delivery service to this uber-cool community. We asked our new customers to help us find the coolest, most chill spots in the city, and here’s what they suggested:

If you’re feeling creative

SF has a fantastic art scene, with several museums throughout the city and a beloved street art scene in the Mission district. It’s also been called the best city for art students– maybe because the Bay Area is already full of them, what with being home to the California College of the Arts, UC-Berkeley, and the American Conservatory Theater. Take a self-guided tour of the scene after eating some KIVA Camino gummies. Or, if you’d like a hands-on activity to get your creative juices flowing, check out Free Gold Watch in Haight Ashbury. It’s a combination screen printing shop and a retro arcade. You can design your own T-shirt and then play some pinball.

If you’re feeling active

Of course, San Francisco is one of the few urban centers to attract people to hike. If you have the stamina, you can even combine the hiking with a walk across the Golden Gate bridge. Walking across from the city side, you’ll exit the bridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which has pristine nature trails and coastal views. Rodeo Beach, a secluded beach featuring a cove and a lagoon, is less than a 2-hour hike from the park-side of the bridge. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing break and a snack. For the sake of California, we recommend you NOT smoke in the recreation area. Emjay has several flame-free cannabis alternatives which won’t start the next wildfire that ravages our state.

photo by tim foster on unsplash_best things to do while high in san francisco

If you’re feeling hungry

The food in San Francisco, the food! It escapes description with mere words, so we won’t even try. You can find almost any style of food in San Francisco (Canadian poutine is taking the city by storm, for some reason) at any kind of price point. There’s a lot to satisfy, even the craziest of stoner cravings. For instance, Mexican burrito spot Taqueria Los Coyotes serves Carne Asada Fries: a plate of crispy fries with all the toppings of a classic carne asada taco. Or there’s The Ringmaster, a rather ominously-named heart attack on a plate at Straw. Check out our list of best strains to make you hungry, so you can pick out the strain that can get you in the right mood to eat a cheeseburger on two (2) glazed donuts. If you’re not sure what you’re craving, just explore! The city is famous for its food truck scene, so you’re sure to find something tasty and inexpensive.

Anyone in San Francisco can order cannabis products and accessories from the Emjay app or directly on the Emjay website. We always have free delivery, and our prices are the same or lower as your local dispensary. Bonus: our professional drivers are the nicest folks.

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