Guide to Camino Gummies

by Carrie Dabshaw

About Camino Gummies

Camino seeks to move your mood with their flavor-forward effects-focused THC, CBD, and CBN gummies spiked with terpenes. Each Camino product from Kiva is meant to encapsulate the feel of an enchanted landscape or in other words—each tin is a full mood. And each of these weedscapes is perfectly designed for the canna-user on the go. These are not knock-out mallet strikes but nuanced experience enhancements.

Camino seeks to provide the most specifically tailored and immersive experience available and that is so valuable in a marketplace that often doesn’t give much more than the bare minimum on what you can hope to expect. From the illustration on the tin to terpenes added and cannabinoids used, Camino is a straightforward jaunt with clear intentions.

Keeping impeccable company, Camino is housed alongside Petra, Terra, and Lost Farms under Kiva’s illustrious umbrella of products. If you are unfamiliar with these product lines (mircodosed mints, chocolate-covered espresso beans and blueberries, and live resin chews, respectively) you are missing out on some of the most fun, versatile, affordable, and approachable edibles on the market. Kiva’s products are great for beginners or for more functional daily uses for higher tolerances.

Camino comes in a wide rainbow of flavors and cannabanoid and terpene profiles for all your endocannanbanoid and taste bud needs. 

Camino Gummies Effects

The great thing about Camino’s expansive roster is that they’ve not only got your favorite flavors covered but your favorite activities as well. Designed with a terpene and flavor profile that suits each occasion, Camino seeks to blend in gently with your experience instead of distracting away from it. 

Ready for a wild night in Vegas? Grab Wild Cherry Casino Nights with an exciting, energetic feel you can bring into the club with you. Down for something more chill? Let Wild Berry lead the way with relaxing terpenes added to the fruit forward noms that will slow you down but not completely knock you out. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg-Camino offers Pineapple Habanero (read that again: pineapple. habanero) bites for a ripe and zesty bold of energic terpenes and tastes. 

Sour Camino Gummies

Most recently blossoming into sour vegan iterations of these beloved bites, Kiva continues to expand just how delicious edibles can be. Drawing on locally grown cannabis and sustainably sourced food, Kiva nails artisanal standards at a modest price.  This deliberate decision-making also shines through in their commitment to and successful execution of reliable and gentle dosing. All of their edibles are dosed at 5mg of THC or less per serving and some make further division even easier; Camino gummies are conveniently perforated to easily be split in half. Consistent and concise dosing is something the cannabis consumer has craved for decades and marketing has learned to center their pitch on it but Kiva is one of the few that actually delivers.

With the addition of a sour focus, Camino somehow manages to find a whole new pallate for their cornocopia of flavors. Watermelon Spritz is designed for an uplifting boost poolside with refreshing burst of energy of your brightest pursuits. For a more chill experience, Camino offers you a breath of fresh air with Citrus Breeze’s lemon-lime power couple mellow terpene blast. If you’re in new of an additional somatic blast Orchard Peach adds 5mg CBD to the 5mg THC in this juicy balanced cannabis blast.

Specialty Camino Gummy Blends

5:1 THC:CBN Midnight Blueberry

If you seek the peace and ease of starlit saunter, follow the road to Camino’s Midnight Blueberry tin. Often our best seller among all of Kiva’s amazing offerings, Midnight Blueberry peppers the usual THC dosing of 5mg THC, with an additional 1mg of CBN per chew. 

What’s CBN?!” you ask, on the edge of your seat.

Well friend, let me clue you in. CBN is short for cannabinol and is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid derived from our good friend THC. Although scientific research is still in it’s infancy, anecdotally it seems that CBN can provide sedative effect some folx find helpful in falling asleep. Want to know if it works for you? There’s one way to find out.

3:1 CBD:THC Sparkling Pear

Got some big responsibilities your brain can’t be too compromised for? Or newer to the game and want to figure out the right dosing for you step by step? Camino’s got you covered. With 6mg of CBD and a mirco-dosing of 2mg of THC, Sparkling Pear keeps your mental acuity bubblin’ as you cheers to the boundless joy of existing without the need to put anytihng else on top of it. So pour yourself some peary-yay and let’s get sparklin’!

1:1 THC:CBD Yuzu Lemon

If you’re looking for something inventive but slightly more traditional Camino also offers the  1:1 THC:CBD power couple of proportions that is so beloved in edibles. With the same THC dosage you’ve come to expect from Camino Yuzu Lemon throws in a little something extra for the kids. Depending on your tolerance, 5mg of CBD can often be just enough to quietly invite the body to relax and any extra tension you’re holding onto to vamoose. If you’re unfamiliar with yuzu this is a great way to expand your palate as well. Often appearing in the many varied cuisines of the Asian continent, yuzu is a citrus fruit that grounds its brightness in balanced earthiness. Whereas lemon is just capital S Sour, yuzu is more nuanced.

Seasonal Camino Edibles

Blood Orange Chills & Thrills

Yes. Festively themed cannabis treats exist. And what a time it is to be alive. Camino mixes in their year-round commitment to nailing the theme with Halloween and Winter Holiday editions that add just as much fun to their party as the actual bites themselves. Facing the supply chain issues of the 2021 Holiday Season Camino brilliant made the pivot into accepting the lapse be rebranding their Holiday Punch originally adorned with a snow capped cottage in the woods to Post Holiday Punch with cargo ships marooned outside their coastal harbor. 

Lucky for us, the Blood Orange Chills & Thrills arrived in time for the spookiest night of the year with pitch perfect artwork and equally satisfying well focused cannabis experience inside. From choosing blood orange to nailing a party-focused onset, Camino’s Halloween Gummies are a graveyard smash not to be missed. So keep an eye out for them next holiday season when you are in the need of a matching plus one.

So what are you waiting for?

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