Can You Grow Weed at Home?

by Carrie Dabshaw
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Can you grow weed from marijuana seeds?

With the right tools, the right seeds, and the right conditions you can hone your very own green thumb. Local regulations vary on the legality of this horticultural adventure so check your local listings on the applicable laws before you dive in. 

For California, state law maintains that adults 21 or older can cultivate up to six cannabis plants in or on the grounds of their private residence provided the plants are not visible to the public. However, and this is a big “but,” many cities and counties have legislated for additional provisions and requirements (for example, in some places you need a permit). Keep in mind, although cannabis has been legalized for recreational use within certain guidelines, 40 thousand (thousand!) people still sit in jail for cannabis related offenses. So do some solid search of local laws before you dive in.

If all is clear and good with Johnny Law, the good news is that cannabis happens to be a fairly resilient warrior that can thrive under a variety of conditions: whether you have a small apartment, personal garden, or massive outdoor grow tent, Mary Jane can blossom with your communication and care. Regardless of how you choose to summon the emerald genie you will need to consider access to light, the proper humidity, and some tools to tend to your plant babies. 

Besides the sweet, magical seeds themselves you’ll need some gadgets and doodads to check on and check in with your little ones:

Remember, male cannabis plants need to be cared for differently than female plants, so make sure you grab a test to gauge which is which before it’s too late. Also be sure to pick up a dual thermometer and humidity gauge to check the relative swampiness of your indoor operation. Similarly, a pH meter helps in making sure your flowers are steeped in a friendly environment suited to their needs. Grab a magnifying glasses to check on trichomes as they propagate as that will determine when the sweet babies are ready. If you’ll be dealing with heavy indoor UV lighting, then also grab some sunglasses to protect your eyes. And lastly, don’t forget pruning shears!

Is it hard to grow cannabis seeds?

That depends on your definition of “hard.” It definitely requires time, effort, attention, patience, and the ability to follow instructions. Watering and whispering to the lil’ fellas doesn’t hurt either! 

At the foundation of every relationship should be a strong bedrock of gratitude and respect. This is a magical plant that can revolutionize our experience so make sure you’re growing from a place of awe and wonder. This isn’t a friend to force into existence but a magic genie to gentle invite into life. Do your research and approach the process with a loose grasp and when in doubt let the plant lead the way.

Can you grow cannabis seeds in your home or apartment?

There are a few options for turning your seeds into beanstalks and they are more or less accessible depending on your access to equipment and space. 

Closets, grow tents, grow kits, and grow boxes can all be used for cultivating your little weed trees. But each will take its own level of planning, foresight, and accessories.  Unless you have a massive warehouse or warehouse setting lying around you’ll probably want to start small as you come to get the hang of it. Also, if you’re in LA remember that 6 baby trees is the legally allowed maximum so choose wisely when planting your magic beans. For first timers, 1 or 2 plants might be the right choice for a trial run. Learn from the plan as you go and then you can slowly grow your operation next time.


Closets are the setting most of us will have available at home, but they present several challenges–namely, access to fresh air and sunlight. 

Exhaust systems are basically a necessity if you want to approach it this way so plan out the proximity to the nearest vent or window. Weed plants also need about 6 hours of light a day which most closets will not be able to provide. But given the right circumstances it could be enough room to sprout some magic. If you have the know-how and funds to make UV lights available you can use that in lieu of good ole’ cost-effective sunshine.

The closet will also need to be temperature and humidity controlled. If you have enough space and a well placed window this could absolutely be within reach but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the plants’ access to light, humidity, temperature, and pH balance. Keep an eye on daily growth and log any visual differences (with the help of a magnifying glass). Things could go south quickly so make sure you regularly monitor your new cannabis plants. .

Grow Tents

Grow tents are a popular option that does some of the work for you. Because they’re specifically designed for growing, you won’t have to manipulate the environment as much to suit your sweet sweet weed. Grow tents also provide a buffer between the grow operation and the floors and walls of your apartment. This is great news for your security deposit as spills can be messy. It also makes the environment easier to control for temperature, humidity, and other relevant elements. As with closet grow operations, you’ll need to provide your own pot, soil, etc.  

Still, grow tents are a great intermediary between the challenges of “go it alone” closet grows and the all-in-one convenience of grow boxes. 

If this isn’t your first time growing cannabis,  and you’ve had some success before, this could be a great purchase to up your game, increase your harvest, and make your life a bit easier.  Grow tents are also a great way to keep the plants protected and “out of the way” of your precious square footage if you’re growing in a shared or high traffic space in your home. Keep in mind that pets and little humans may  become interested in the growing process, so a grow tent  is a great option if you want more of a buffer between your plant besties and your fur babies.

Grow Boxes and Grow Kits

Grow boxes and grow kits might be the easiest and most convenient way to grow weed in your home. Grow kits are exactly what they sound like-they come pre-equipped with all the support you need for potting and nurturing your weed trees to-be. You’ll get soil and vitamins as well as some tools for tending to your cannabis seeds. This is a great addition to either the closet or grow tent options above. Kits remove a lot of the hassle of growing your own weed, while leaving some of the logistics up to you. For example, the conditions of the overall environment are still in your hands. So this is a great choice if you want to grow your own cannabis with some guardrails in place.

If you’re hoping for the smoothest sailing possible and want all the logistics left up to science and fate-this is where grow boxes come in. Grow boxes provide a fully self-contained environment that does all the hard work for you-lights, camera, action (moisture, etc) are all provided in a little space that you can open and close easily. . 

Grow boxes are a great introduction to the process so you can get a visual and smokeable example of things going right. You can get a taste for how it’s supposed to go before you invest your time and money into something that might not yet be within your skill set.

Can you buy weed seeds online?

Why, yes! Yes, you can. What a time to be alive right? First things first you’ll want to establish what strain you want to grow. Are you more of an indica or a sativa fan? If you’re uncertain check out our guide to the best indicia and best sativa strains at each price point.  (And if you’re not certain of the difference-we’ve got you on that too.) Strains can make a huge difference for your experience so make sure you’re choosing wisely. Align with a varietal that matches your hopes and dreams for your high and you will get to know the plant and yourself better.

Wanna take the easy route?

Get weed delivered instead. We have everything you need to get goin’ on your buzz without you know months and months of wait. 

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