Cannabis Capsules: What They Are and How To Use Them

by Emjay

The future is here. Cannabis comes in an ultra-efficient smokeless pill form that you can take by mouth. It seems unconventional, but when you really think about it, most things come in pill form. 

It’s not that unusual to see psychoactive compounds, medications, and supplements in the form of a capsule or tablet. It would be much weirder if you had to smoke your vitamins or your allergy medicine. 

Before you run out and grab some cannabis capsules, there are a few things you should know. The experience is very different, and the effects may not be for everyone. 

What is a cannabis capsule?

Cannabis capsules take the extract of a cannabis plant and mix them with some kind of carrier oil into pre-measured doses. The packaging usually lists how much THC and how much CBD is in each capsule. You swallow your pre-measured dose of cannabis just like you’d swallow any other capsule or tablet. 

Cannabis capsules are not a supplement to smoking or vaping cannabis. They’re an alternative. If you don’t like smoking or can’t smoke, cannabis capsules allow you to enjoy the high of your favorite strains without the involvement of your lungs.

Hemp or cbd capsules are completely different

Labeling is crucial, and vague terms can sometimes be misleading. Hemp is cannabis and CBD is a cannabinoid. Hemp extract capsules, or CBD capsules, are also technically cannabis capsules. The biggest difference between the two is that capsules made of hemp won’t get you high. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, which isn’t enough to produce any noticeable psychoactive effect.

This doesn’t mean that hemp extract or CBD are without merit. They’re a great way to naturally induce relaxation and produce feelings of emotional wellness without altering your mind. If you want some of the benefits of weed but you need to keep your mind sober, CBD capsules are great. These are a supplementary way to enjoy cannabis. You can take CBD along with weed without getting any higher. 

How do cannabis capsules work?

You swallow your cannabis capsule and it reaches your stomach. Your body begins to digest and filter the cannabinoids, including the THC. They slowly release over time, bringing on a high that can take as long as two hours to start and as long as eight hours to eventually finish.

Capsules can be very polarizing. This will sound like an absolute nightmare to some people. If you want to be able to control your high and you need to have a good idea of when it’s going to end, capsules are definitely not for you. 

If you have a high THC tolerance and use weed for its medicinal or wellness benefits, you’re probably going to adore the idea of a capsule. Taking a low-dose capsule twice a day will give you benefits without making you feel too high to function. It’s the perfect means to an end.

How capsules stack up against other forms

Cannabis capsules work very differently from other forms of cannabis. For some people, this is a selling point. Others might find it to be a drawback. It all depends on the way you like to enjoy your weed. 

Vaping cannabis

Vaping cannabis is one of the most convenient ways to use cannabis. It’s not messy. There’s no smoke, no ashes, and no lighter. You don’t need to grind, pack, or roll anything. You don’t have to clean resin out of a pipe or a bong. It’s also extremely concentrated. You can take one strong hit off a vape and rapidly conclude your smoke sesh if you have a novel to write or a song to play. You’ll begin to feel the effects almost immediately.


Smoking cannabis

Smoking cannabis is a meditative ritual that frequent smokers enjoy. They like choosing their weed based on its flavor and terpenes. They like grinding their weed and rolling it or packing it. They enjoy caring for their pipes or their bongs, and they like to spend a while smoking. 

This leisurely approach turns smoking into a full-fledged activity. It’s more than just a quick break in the middle of the day. It’s a social activity or private act of relaxation that feels like an enjoyable routine.

Smoking works quickly and its effects are easy to build upon. You can take a minute or two between bong rips to see how you feel and decide whether or not you want to smoke more. You take your time and tune in your high exactly the way you want it. 


Cannabis capsules are edibles. Any cannabis that you swallow and process with your digestive system is considered an edible. There’s no real difference here, other than the fact that edibles are probably a little more delicious. It’s more fun to eat a cannabis cookie or a brownie than it is to swallow a capsule, even though the effects of the THC are the same. 

How to use cannabis capsules

Cannabis capsules should be used differently from other kinds of weed because they aren’t similar in their function. You can’t pop a capsule or two and watch Grandma’s Boy. They may not kick in before the credits roll. You could be two Wu-Tang albums in before you feel the effects, and you need to plan accordingly. 

Daily microdosing

Some people don’t use cannabis to get high. They use cannabis for the combination of THC and CBD that helps to support their system. Low-dose sativas, especially in people with higher tolerances, make people feel uplifted, creative and energized. If you’re using capsules for a little spark without a full-blown high, you can microdose them. 

Taking 2.5 milligrams or less of THC backed with CBD in a capsule twice a day can keep you in a gentle microdose. If you have to clean the house, mow the lawn, and fold all the laundry, you’ll have a walking buzz that keeps you functional. 

Some people prefer to microdose with capsules in the earlier hours and turn to smoking when their capsules wear off. As long as the capsules are no longer affecting you, the effects of a joint won’t stack and leave you feeling too high. 

For a long weekend

If you’re having a little staycation, cannabis capsules can help. Larger doses of cannabis capsules can be used like edibles. Take your dose, and in about two hours, they’ll kick in. They’ll keep you high for a really long time. 

If you’re using capsules for the weekend, remember to plan ahead. It’s better to have everything you need ahead of time. If you do need something, remember how many different kinds of delivery apps are on your phone. They’re going to come in handy.

As a pain management tool

Medicinal cannabis patients love the convenience and familiarity of capsules. Many medicinal patients are people who would not otherwise smoke weed. They don’t have an appreciation for cannabis culture, and they don’t have any desire to participate in it. They just want to feel better, and they like the idea of using a natural remedy like cannabis instead of something synthetic or a highly addictive opioid. 

Cannabis capsules last just about as long as a pain medication. Taking two capsules a day of the appropriate strength is a simple swap, especially for people who are used to taking other medications. Cannabis capsules can easily be placed into a pill sorter with other medications or supplements and taken as AM and PM doses. 

The takeaway

When you consider the differences, you should be able to determine right away whether or not cannabis capsules are a good option for you. If you like smoking or vaping your cannabis, you’re probably going to stick to that method. Nothing else is really going to compare.

If you’re using cannabis as a solution rather than a recreational activity, capsules are probably going to be appealing to you. They easily fit into your daily routine and they don’t take any time to use. As long as you’re okay with the idea that your cannabis is going to take a long time to kick in and will last long once it does, capsules are a good fit for you.

Whether you want to give capsules a try or you prefer to stick to flower, Emjay has what you need. We have a wide selection of cannabis capsules, tablets, flower, vape products, and more. We want you to enjoy cannabis, no matter your preferred method. We’ll even deliver it to your home in about half an hour. It’s never been easier to enjoy cannabis exactly the way you want it. 

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