Cannabis Product Review: Packwoods Family Feud – Blunt Vs Packarillos Vs Packs

by Carrie Dabshaw
Packwoods Family Feud

Packwoods Family Feud At-A-Glance

The Wedding Mintz Flower

28.12% THC

33.62% Cannabinoids

Classic, old school                                fighting style

Celebratory bliss

GMO Cookies Packarillos

18.30% THC

20.96% Cannabinoids

Good size and strength                                  to stay light on your feet

Precise, professional execution 

Cherry AK-47 Infused Blunt

30.28% THC                               Decorated King of the ring 

35.49% Cannabinoids.              Joyfully undefeated

Packarillos from Packwoods


Packwoods Family Feud

It’s always rough to watch family fight because it can get real ugly real quick.

The Packwoods 3 know each other’s fighting style like the back of their beloved, sticky hands.

The Cherry AK-47 Infused Blunt is a heavyweight with extreme strength on its side. The Wedding Mintz flower eighth, called Packs, is fueled by flowy, grounded intuition to aid in an intelligent and dynamic moment-to-moment fighting style. Packarillos, the Goldy Locks of the three, with good strength and quick speed to use against the respective weaknesses of both their competitors.

Who will come out on top when the family feuds?

Packwoods Wedding Mintz

The heavyweight Blunt throws the first punch. Packarillos ducks just in time to avoid the blow as Flower dances around so carefree it seems they didn’t even notice. Packarillos gains some courage and steps up to throw a mean hook at Flower. Flower takes it on the chin but doesn’t seem too dazed. Packarillos, in a frenzy, deals a jab to Blunt and there’s not enough on it to do much to the mighty heavyweight. Packarillos realizes their mistake too late and gives Blunt enough time to wind up a haymaker. 

The blast lands and Packarillos are out cold-the power of The Mighty Blunt was too much for them. Now it’s just Flower and the Big Fella left in the ring. 

Flower uses some fancy footwork to keep the Blunt guessing. Flower has some weight on the Blunt who only clocks in at 2 grams. With finesse on their side, Flower is able to land a vicious combo that may be too much for even The Mighty Blunt. The heavyweight stays on their feet as the bell sounds for the end of the round.

At the end of 10 well-matched rounds and no knock-outs, we go to scorecards.

In a split decision, the win goes to Flower. However, if money is no object next time put your chips on Blunt.


Packwoods blunt review
The Cherry AK-47 Blunt wins this round.

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