Everything You Need To Know About The Cannabis Brand Kanha

by Emjay
Kanha gummies

Born in California and founded in 2015, Kanha is an edible brand specializing in Nano Gummies and Vegan Gummies.

Sunderstorm is the name of the company that produces Kanha, alongside its umbrella of lifestyle cannabis brands including the vape company Wind, and the scientific-inspired, fast-acting sublingual product called Nano5.

Nanotechnology used in the extraction process makes the Kanha Nano gummies very fast-acting. Our reviewer Carrie Dabshaw confirms this: they hit quickly, even within 5 minutes time. Most edibles take about 30 minutes to an hour to begin to feel initial effects. But the Nano concentrate is meant to be absorbed into the body quicker, not needing to be digested and run through the lengthy process of metabolism.

Kanha gummies can be found in 5 massive markets today: California, Canada, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Nevada. In Canada, Kanha partners with the brand Reef Organic to produce its lineup. Canada’s regulations are a bit more strict in packaging, but the colorful Kanha aesthetic still shines through regardless.

Kanha never uses pesticides or unnatural food flavorings or colorings. This means the bright, rich flavors like Pink Lemonade, Pink Guava, Passionfruit Paradise, Key Lime, Peach, and even their Strawberry Belts, are flavored naturally. And powerfully. The company’s Vegan Gummies also utilize nanomolecular technology. Using Vegan ingredients without sacrificing texture and quality is sometimes a challenge for cannabis companies, but these gummies are praised among consumers.

Kanha also offers some really well-balanced CBD ratio gummies. These include 20:1 gummies with 100 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD,  a 4:1 ratio in Peach with 100 milligrams CBD and 25 milligrams THC, as well as their sleep-recipe called Tranquility which contains 50 milligrams of CBD, THC, and CBN, which is a powerful cannabinoid meant to help people relax and stay asleep throughout the night.

Read Carrie Dabshaw’s review of the Kanha Nano Sublime Key Lime gummies and be sure to check out Kanha on Emjay for an exclusive deal. You’re welcome.

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