Product Review: Himalaya Cherry Gas Live Sauce Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw

Himalaya Cherry Gas At-A-Glance


Himalaya elevates the vape game to new heights with a beautiful and better made addition to the 510 space.


Climb to a more spacious vantage point on anything that stresses you out with a supportive full spirit relaxation.


Get way more than your money's worth with $40 of high quality extract made as convenient as humanely possible.

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About Himalaya 

A lot of brands claim their products are “live”, “pure”, or “natural” amongst other increasingly specious buzzwords about what it is exactly you’re smoking in your vape. Because cannabis remains federally prohibited there is no governmental oversight on what these companies can claim they’re selling. Based on my experience with Himalaya’s Delicious Live Resin Vanilla Frosting Sauce the discerning connoisseur can feel confident they’re getting what they pay for.

The body lights up differently when our endocannabinoid system is spoken to correctly. Distillate tends to dampen things with a focus solely in the mind muting the effects of stimuli and dimming the bright sensation of experience. Live resin and rosin, however, are of a completely different ken. Maintaining the true character of the plant without chemical processing provides a more robust and complete sampling of the cannabis experience-it feels a lot more like flower and good flower at that. 

Purposefully named after the highest place on Earth, Himalaya uses only cannabis-derived terpenes for a true-to-flower experience. Their slogan “all the sticky, none of the icky” perfectly encapsulates the organic taste and feel of Himalaya’s vapes-proudly extracted without thinners or solvents and with the results of each product’s lab testing easily viewable on every box. Northern Californian sun-grown flower from small-batch family farms provides the raw goods for all of Himalaya’s delicious goodies whether they are of the original or elevated Live Resin variety.


Himalaya vapes are named after an excursion through the Nepali leg of their high-altitude namesake. Oft attributed as the planetary hometown of cannabis, Himalaya was founded in 2015 with the intent of honoring nature’s sanctity. Taking to dispensary shelves without financial backing, Himalaya hopes that independent ownership means they will never have to compromise on the quality or cleanliness of their product and continue to use only whole flower (not trim) to serve their naturally colored elixirs as-is (without “color correcting” for visual appeal). 

Tibetan Prayer Flags grace the cover of Himalaya’s homepage. A string of vibrant squares represents the terrestrial elements of fire, water, wind, earth, and air the flags also represent the directions of north, south, east, west, and center. When hung high where they may dance in the natural winds of our plant, Tibetan Prayer Flag are used to carry well wishes on currents of air to all in their vicinity. Tibetan Prayer Flags are intended to be given as a gift and are said to amplify the power of their prayers if hung in the company of loved ones.

Someone said, “there is no serenity on mountaintops that you don’t bring up there with you”. To undisciplined minds, and especially Westerners, it is often thought that peace is only to be found somewhere out there in the world, relaxation is hidden somewhere just beyond your vision, and enlightenment is camouflaged against the backdrop of some temple if you could just manage to find it.  But, in reality, there is no vacation or backpacking journey that holds your answers for you, no teacher that can eclipse your own innate sense of knowing. No buried away a treasure trove of the qualities you are seeking. Although the cultural and socio-religious context may be lost on us in The States, the edicts of Nepal’s Tibetan sect of Buddhism hold true-only in dealing with your own sense of self head-on is their hope for salvation. Only within you are those things you are seeking.


Himalaya takes an opportunity few others do. While most vape packaging phones are in the design elements, Himalaya really capitalizes on the most boring section of most cannabis shelves. Perhaps it derives from their decision to say independent but Himalaya’s brand identity feels more like a work of art than most carts do. From the delightfully punny “go higher” headline to the fantastic mountainous imagery and the finishing cherry on top, Himalaya makes their sauce a little more life with this extra attention to detail. 

The box’s square shape is unique and great for transport and storage when you’re not wanting your stash to be too visible-it isn’t clearly a cannabis product and for those who know,  it makes it clear you didn’t go with the cheap stuff. Heralding fresh from the farm sauce from the City of Trees, Himalaya hits a marketing sweet spot with the promise of farm-to-cart weed. Every piece of information you can imagine (and a few you haven’t) appear in the lab testing results and adds an extra dose of trustworthiness to the comforting appeal of the sauce’s retail manifestation. Instructions on use are clear and specific for newbs and listing what ingredients the cart does and does not have is also present for the ole’ timer. 

I think adding botanically and/or artificially derived terpenes to cannabis is rubbish and, more importantly, I think we can discern the feel of it. There is something more full, layered, and nuanced about the plant taken straight from the planet. It’s perfect as-is. There is no need to water it down with garbage. For those who don’t know “live” sauce refers to extract taken from fresh flowers that are not cured or frozen. As we can watch our tulips or romaine wilt with temperature changes I think it’s fair to assume cannabis does the same. There is nothing like fresh fruit and veggies and I think the same holds true for the blossom of cannabis. 

A small, gorgeously designed insert in the Cherry Gas box heralds the strengths of our future inhalant. “Live sauce contains real live resin: unrefined, undistilled, & rich in THCA crystals”. If you’re unfamiliar with THCA get ready to start hearing a lot more about them. An emerging trend in cannabis, these high potency diamonds arise during extraction and originally were only sold as-is for dabbing. Nowadays companies claim that it’s not just distillate but melted down or liquid crystals that they’re offering. Without the ability to observe that directly it can feel dubious to take the marketer’s word for it. But based on my experience with Himalaya, I completely believe them. On the flip of this insert is the eponymous mountain range with some Tibetan Prayer Flags draped across the vista and with that Himalaya already nails the feel that they’re after. 

A copyrighted pouch holds the cart itself and I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone else doing anything similar. It promises freshness and a commitment to craft that preps the smoker for an elevated and elevating experience. It is oft said that we eat first with our eyes. And I think we smoke first with our imagination. Strain names are largely arbitrary and when done best they clue us in to the experience that is about to unfold. I am hoping for cherry and certain it will be a gas with Himalaya. 

When I cut into the pouch I could not believe the cart was responsible for that strong and distinct aroma. Cherry smells like a freshly scooped dab with nothing between you and the extract. With a plastic stopper over the mouthpiece and 510 threading, it’s hard to believe that anything makes it through but this olfactory fiesta makes me believe even further in the promise of Himalaya’s high altitude.

If Himalaya’s claims of true to flower extracts are ever put on trial I am more than available to serve as an expert witness-I don’t know how they do it but a hit of this space-age contraption tastes exactly like a fresh breath of weed. The smoke is thinner and more manageable as extracts tend to be but the flavor is spot on. There is no jolly rancher cherry syrup poured on top of the cannabis magic-it’s just weed as weed is meant to be. The inhale and exhale are clean and light and it feels as healthy as any smoking could be. 

Cherry Gas will have you finding the couch and your favorite comedy quickly. Himalaya pulls no punches and gets straight to the point with a seemingly instant invasion of your senses. Distillate always feels like a tension headache that sits squarely in your temples but live resin just hits different, my friends. Cherry Gas is a full-body anesthesia that keeps you awake to enjoy its pleasant presence. If you’re dating a stoner this is the life vest to throw them when they come home sulking from a bad day. Or if you or someone you love are the types to medicate when you’re sick this is perfect for making the gross feelings go away quickly.

Himalaya is a good mood in a cloud and not because it numbs you out but zooms you out into your most accepting and innate well-being. Everything plaguing you becomes rightsized and the unnecessary tension you hold around it slowly starts to dissolve. Weed is not a problem solver but it can make you better suited to solve the problem yourself from a more even-keeled and balanced perspective. From the summit of the mountaintop, everything discontenting seems much smaller and less likely to inhibit your forward progress.


$40 for the gram is a really surprising and fantastic price point for this quality. Absolutely worth stepping outside your usual brand loyalty.

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