How To Do 3 Classic & Easy Smoke Tricks

by Bridey Hicks
photo by paul wong on unsplash_How to do classic:easy smoke tricks

Smoke tricks are always impressive, no matter how old you are. They make you look cool, calm, and collected – like you know something everyone else doesn’t. And the best part is, they’re actually relatively easy to do. Whether you’re a smoker or more of a vape enthusiast, here are some classic smoke or vape tricks anyone can learn.

The “Dragon”

Have you ever wanted to blow smoke out of your nose like a dragon? It may seem uncomfortable, but with some patience and practice, you can master this asap. First, take a drag of whatever ganj you have and then tightly purse your lips as if you’re about to whistle – this will help limit the amount of smoke coming out of your mouth. Now use pressure from gentle exhalations and inhalations to direct the smoke through your nose. Look at you, just a regular ol’ dragon. 

How to Blow Smoke Rings

Making smoke rings, circles, or “O’s,” as the cool kids often call them, is one of the most iconic smoke tricks out there. It may seem impossible to master this skill, but it’s relatively simple. All you need is some smoke and a bit of finesse. You can start by inhaling the smoke and then letting the smoke curl into a round shape. Push the smoke out in short bursts until the smoke forms an “O” shape. If you have difficulties keeping the shape, focus on controlling the speed of your exhales to create more thickness around the circle.

Additionally, try pushing from the back of your throat, almost like you’re choking. But please don’t choke. Once you get consistent circles happening (hoorah), why not step it up a notch and practice smoke rings with multiple circles? It may take some persistence, but mastering this classic smoke trick will be totally worth it.

photo by michael-starkie on unsplash_How to do classic:easy smoke tricks

The “Waterfall” 

To make a waterfall of smoke, all you have to do is take a deep breath, slowly and steadily exhale, and then press your lips together. Now, by curling your tongue upwards towards the roof of your mouth and opening your throat, all that’s left to do is work those lungs, babe. The trick is using fast, controlled air bursts that move toward the ground to create that beautiful waterfall effect. It takes some practice, but once it’s mastered, it looks pretty smokin’. 

Who knew the world of smoking could be so exciting? Now that you know how to make perfect O’s, assume the identity of a dragon, and create breathtaking waterfalls, you can rest easy knowing that Emjay has all the cannabis products you need to practice with. Now, get going. Make us proud.

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