Product Review: Island Pacific Dream Mini Pre-roll Pack

by Carrie Dabshaw

Island Mini Pre-Rolls At-A-Glance


Island's year round Endless Harvest brings the freshest of Cali weed to their playful strain and jay offerings.


Bubbly and mentally invigorating buzz grounds in a tame body relaxation for a fun take on blue dream that is anything but mini.


$26 for 2.5 grams of really fun weed pre-rolled for your convenience is a steal.

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About Island

Island’s laid-back line of flower, pre-rolls, and vapes makes the Cali beach lifestyle smokable. With a focus on year-round flower cultivation, Island’s cannabis magic is drawn from a devoted handful of cannabis farmers across The Golden State. Island prioritizes strain authenticity and safety with three rounds of lab testing for each and every one of their products. Island offers glass jar eights, supersized bulk baggies, and a variety of pre-roll options in classic and mini five packs.  Islands sets sail in 6 different strains for their jays but expand into additional options for their single infused full gram jays made with full melt ice water hash. 

Island’s flower is hand-selected and hand-trimmed for evaluation of its most important elements. Going above and beyond to be clear on what their definition of “good” means Island lays out the metrics on which they’re evaluating their weed: appearance, aroma, flavor, structure, and safety. Safety speaks to their aforesaid rigorous testing for pesticides, insecticides, and fungus. And the rest of the criteria are the same I’ve always used in evaluating our favorite bloom. Bud structure and trichome patterns speak to the health of the flower and the quality of its cultivation and it can also offer meaningful insight into our personal preferences. There are a trillion weed growers these days, let’s stick to the ones that know quality matters. 


In celebration of California’s wonderful forever summer, Island uses an Endless Harvest approach to cultivate flower year-round in an effort to maintain the freshest supply possible. Not to dunk on any overhyped brands but I’ve gotten some crispy buds off the top shelf more times than I care to remember. The grocery store doesn’t sell wilted roses and I think we all can agree we shouldn’t settle for geriatric weed. The Endless Harvest calls on the aforementioned network of Cali farmers. Each of which starts cultivating at different times of the year and thus blossoms separately as well, so the bud is never sitting around waiting for its moment in the sun.

Indoor and outdoor farming techniques as well as sticking to a small roster of strains also help in aiding a predictable and robust schedule of blossoming. Island focuses on sustainability and recyclable packaging for all their earth-born goodies and in this day and age, I think this should be the standard. Island also takes the lead in providing much-needed cannabis education with an in-depth dive into the terpene profile of each of their core strains. Walking into the dispensary (or online storefront) and choosing your weed based on the name and sparkliest package is officially over. A lot of helpful guidance is available and it’s awesome we live in an age where we can make more informed decisions.


I was really blown away by the quality of Island’s bulk Strawberry Banana flower-normally if weed comes in more than 3.5 grams it seems like the attention to quality swiftly goes out the window. I really appreciate that Island maintains a respectability standard even when it is their most affordable weed. Mini pre-rolls are one of my favorite emerging trends in cannabis-full-sized joints that are normally too strong for my tastes or take too long for my attention span. Minis offer more manageable and time-efficient dosing that doesn’t require you to put it out a thousand times before you get through it.

With a lovely moniker for their take on the wildly popular Blue Dream strain, Pacific Dream arises from the cross of Blueberry x Haze. I like that Island seeks to put their own spin on a weed standard and even better than these baby jays are full flower (no trim) and strain-specific (no blends). The packaging for these sunny little delights looks exactly as you hope it would-a delightful sky blue and vibrant palm tree nailing both the Island and Pacific Dream feel. A lot of cannabis products try too hard to look fancy but I like that this one goes unabashedly for cute.

Under the top of the slide-off tin, an additional plastic wrap keeps the 5 little sweeties safe’n’sound. I don’t see anything “mini” with each .5 gram jay looking plenty sizely all its own. The plastic can be ripped to only liberate (and unseal) those you want to and that’s a welcome promise of freshness. A biodegradable cone tapers to a generous paper mouthpiece that looks like the best elements of both the home-rolled and the handiwork of a professional. Not much aroma comes through the paper but something about the twisted-off end makes it seem trustworthy.

Pacific Dream tastes really great-a nice clean inhale and exhale without any harshness. The filter absolutely does its job letting out just the perfect amount of well-cooled smoke. Island’s mini are supremely smokeable so if you’re the type to forget to pass that shit, plan on taking one to yourself-this is not the type you’ll want to let go. Pacific Dream is zesty offering energy of liveliness as bright and sunny as a picture-perfect beach day. Almost immediately, excitement and enthusiasm are ushered in but the mind is not sabotaging racy.

Pacific Dream slows you down just enough to truly feel how joyful the buzz really is. This is the type of smoke that will have you up till 3am philosophizing on the cosmos or catching up with a beloved friend. Pacific Dream is well fit for a festival, massage, or any other exuberant type of release. If you’d rather not drink at the party this is a great blend to avoid the bullshit and just vibe to the music. A bubbly aphrodisiac before your appointment with the stoner in your nighttime rotation or a trippy invitation into your favorite Pink Floyd album and fluorescents. The mind isn’t blasted in the way it would be with say a Trainwreck strain but it is definitely stirred so if you struggle with intrusive thoughts on upper weeds you might want to avoid this one.


Island’s Pacific Dream is a bonafide good time. Considering the convenience, enjoyment, and 2.5-gram weight this is really a steal for under $30.

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