The Difference Between Blunts And Joints

by Doug

Blunts vs Joints

Lots of cannabis newcomers will use these words interchangeably. But they’re actually quite distinct.

Blunts are rolled using cigar or cigarillo wraps that often have some tobacco content still contained within the fibers. Because the paper is thicker, a blunt is able to hold more weed. The wrap also influences the taste with some tobacco flavor from the original cigar or cigarillo left over. As a result, blunts are usually a harsher than joints.  Blunts usually burn relatively slowly, and some larger or fatter blunts can burn for up to 30 minutes. This makes them a better smoking instrument for passing around a small group as opposed to smoking alone. This is also true since it usually takes a little longer to prepare and wrap a blunt compared to a joint.

Joints are arguably better for getting pure weed flavor than blunts. Joints can be rolled a little faster since the paper is thinner and you don’t need as much weed to fill. Additionally, joints burn a little faster and in most cases, within 3 to 5 minutes, making them a much better smoking instrument for solo enjoyment or for passing between one or two people

Blunts use more weed than joints

How much weed is in a blunt?

Keep in mind that the below values are just estimates. How much weed you want to put in your blunt or joint is ultimately dependent on you and your personal preferences. But do remember that trying to overstuff your joint could result in a subpar experience.

For blunts, fill them with between 1 and 3 g of top-tier flower. You can even go a little farther if you have a particularly long or fat paper you’re rolling with.

For joints, only use between 0.5 and 1 gs per roll. This will prevent you from overstuffing the joint and allow you to enjoy some truly choice hits as you smoke it down.

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