What Does Clean Green Certified Cannabis Mean?

by Brad P
What does it mean for cannabis to be Clean Green Certified? Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

As someone who has been consuming cannabis for a long time, I honestly hadn’t considered whether or not that product was organic. I figured, it’s a plant, which is kind of organic by definition, right? Well, turns out what we consider “organic” is much more complicated than I originally thought.  

Basically, because cannabis isn’t federally regulated by the same systems as other crops for human consumption, we’ve been living in the wild wild west of the weed world. No one to regulate where, when, or how your cannabis products were grown, stored, or manufactured. That is until Clean Green Certified hit the scene. 

Sit back, blaze a blunt and get the inside scoop on how things get classified as organic, how Clean Green Certified is revolutionizing the standards and procedures for cannabis crops nationwide, and how you can get Green Clean Certified products delivered to your door today.

Is cannabis organic?

This is actually a trickier question than you would think. No matter what growing practices are used, cannabis cultivators can’t label their product certified organic, because that label is given by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). And of course, cannabis is not legal federally outside of the medical realm, which means no USDA seal of approval for cannabis growers.

What does certified organic mean anyway?

When the USDA certifies a product as organic, it means that it has met its specific list of criteria. For plants, this means they cannot be grown with synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or sewage sludge. Also, certified organic crops can’t be genetically engineered or irradiated.

These all sound like good things to us. But if the USDA isn’t overseeing practices and procedures for the cannabis industry, then how can consumers be certain they are getting a clean and ‘organic’ cannabis experience? That’s where Clean Green Certification comes into play.

What is Clean Green?

Clean Green certification is “the closest to ‘organic’ cannabis can get”, according to their website. Operating since 2004, Clean Green Certified is the number one cannabis certifier globally. Through their certification process they ensure that farmers are using natural pesticides and pest control methods that are based on the USDA regulations for being organic, and that they are following local and state guidelines for cannabis crops.

What are the requirements to be Clean Green Certified?

When applying to be Clean Green Certified, cannabis producers must meet three requirements:

  1. Legal Compliance: Because cannabis isn’t considered a legal crop federally, each state that has legalized it has had to make their own laws and guidelines. Clean Green takes an extensive look at records, practices and policies to ensure that all legal requirements are being met and maintained by any business or farmer they certify.
  2. Plant Cultivation Methods: Before certification, farmers have to fill out a lengthy application that includes questions about things like light and water sources, protection from soil erosion, and what measures they’re taking for pest, weed, and disease control. If everything seems on the up and up, Clean Green schedules a site visit where they examine fertilizers, potting soil, and pest control sprays used on site to confirm that clean, sustainable methods are being used.
  3. Plant Inspection: The third and final step is an actual examination of the plants themselves to make sure there are no contaminating molds, mildews, or pest-induced issues.

Should I make the switch to Clean Green Certified products?

Honestly, we can’t see why not. Whether you’re smoking, vaping or eating your cannabis product, it’s important to make sure that you’re consuming a quality product. Until we have a federal regulation system, Clean Green seems to be following the federal guidelines for “organic” closely, as well as ensuring that your product was produced 100% legally at a state level and that farmers are working towards sustainability and decreased emissions. 

While many certification services use third-party testing, Clean Green has labs within their network that do all their testing as part of their inspections. The onsite inspectors who are examining practices and products have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or related science or ten years of experience as an organic cultivator. This means we can rest assured knowing that each certified business received a knowledgeable and professional assessment. 

TLDR; Clean Green Certified products are better for you, better for the environment and everyone wins when you consume clean, green products.

Can I get Clean Green Certified cannabis delivered?

Emjay delivers Clean Green Certified cannabis products daily. Whether you’re looking for edibles, vape carts, or flower, you can easily order any Clean Green Certified product you’re looking for online and Emjay will deliver it directly to your door. 

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