10 Best Edibles for Halloween

by Leslie McMann
Sonder Space Crystals_ Emjay halloween edibles

Candy isn’t just for kids on Halloween, especially not these cannabis-infused candies. While the under-21s battle over the last peanut butter cup in the “please take one” bowl, you and your of-age compatriots can share delectable edibles, designed for a mature sweet tooth.

Whether you’re hosting a costume party or watching a scary movie, alone, with your significant other, or with all your friends, passing around edibles is a great way to celebrate the Halloween tradition and even enhance the spookiness of the season.

Here are our favorite cannabis-infused candies and treats for Halloween:

1. Sonder Space Crystals

Just like Pop Rocks were once the peak of candy technology, Sonder is blowing everyone’s minds with their Space Crystals featuring Sublingual Crystal Technology. While other edible candies rely on your digestive system to process the THC (which can take an hour or more), Space Crystals release their THC content as they dissolve on your tongue, sending the THC straight to your blood vessels through the membrane under your tongue, helping your body achieve a higher state of mind in minutes.

Lost Farm Kiva Cannabis Brand

2. Lost Farm Live Resin Fruit Chews

It’s alive! Lost Farm is a new brand by Kiva, already famous for its Camino gummies and chocolate bars. All Lost Farm fruit chews are made with live resin, which is uncured cannabis flower (that’s the “live” part) that is flash frozen and then converted into a concentrate. The process preserves more of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant, delivering a “full-spectrum” high. Each chew has 10mg THC, 10 chews per bag.

3. Kanha Nano Gummies

Using nanomolecular technology, Kanha has made the fastest-acting gummy on the market. The gummies still have the same amount of THC as the regular Kanha line (10mg/chew), but your waiting period is cut in half. No more sitting around saying to each other “I don’t feel it, do you feel it?” The Nano line has four flavors, and two are vegan.

4. Kanha Gummies Mystery Flavor

Like the white airheads of our childhood, this gummy is a treat and a game— a game that could win you $1000. Don’t worry, this isn’t a Squid Game situation. But if you think you know the flavor of your Mystery Kanha gummies, head to this page and write in your guess for a shot at $1000. And if it’s not your favorite flavor, well, at least you’ll be high.

5. Smokiez Sour Fruit Chews

As adults, we’re supposed to like adult flavors, but sometimes we’re just not in the mood for artisanal Mango-Chili-Himalayan Salt gummies. Sometimes you’re nostalgic for a candy that will stain your tongue for hours. Smokiez Edibles fruit chews come in familiar flavors like Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, plus they’re vegan and gluten-free.

CANN social tonics_ Best halloween edibles list

6. CANN social tonic beverages

Need something to sip on during your scary movie marathon? CANN infused beverages are carbonated “social tonics” featuring all-natural ingredients and a mélange of fruit and botanical flavors. Oh, and 2.5 to 5mg THC per can. The low THC content makes them the perfect pairing to other infused treats without having to worry about overindulging. But if you would like to overindulge on THC, go ahead and crush that 6-pack. CANN is a super-sessionable drink, with no hangover the next day.

7. Camino by Kiva gummies

The pinnacle of gummy edibles, Camino comes in a range of flavors from Cherry to Pineapple Habanero. A sours line was also just released. Aside from being delicious gummies precisely dosed with THC (5mg/gummy), the beautiful art on each container makes them basically collectibles. Plus, we’re offering 25% off all Kiva products now through Halloween.

8. Big Pete’s cookies

Hey, not everyone is into candy and gummies. Some of us have an addiction to Great British Bake-off and crave something a little more homemade. Enter Big Pete and his infused cookies. Each pouch of ten contains 100mg THC. Available in the standard chocolate chip, peanut butter, and a gluten-free/vegan strawberry coconut cookie.

9. La Familia chocolates and treats

La Familia is owned by Product of Los Angeles, the first Mexican cannabis company. Their chocolate bars and baked treats feature Mexican flavors like horchata and Abuelita hot chocolate. With each product from La Familia, you’ll find both a gourmet treat and 100mg THC. Sure wish my family were so cool…

10. WYLD gummies

Featuring real fruit and all-natural ingredients, WYLD gummies each contain 100mg THC (10mg/gummy) and some flavors also contain CBD for an extra-calm high. Some of the flavors are definitely on the wild side (today I learned that Huckleberry isn’t just a Mark Twain character), but crowd-pleasers like peach and raspberry round out the more eclectic offerings.

People go kind of nuts for edibles this time of year, so make sure you get your Halloween order in ASAP while we still have these products in stock. As always, Emjay will deliver to your door, for free, even if we’re only bringing a single pouch of Space Crystals.

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