Cannabis Product Review: CANN Blood Orange Cardamom Hi-Boys

by Carrie Dabshaw
Cann Blood Orange Cardamom review

CANN Hi-Boys At-A-Glance


CANN's Hi-Boys double down on everything spectacular about their beloved social tonics with over double the THC and none of the hang-over.


There is not a better feeling and tasting beverage available for $5, spend $20 on the 4-pack to go lightyears beyond liquor.


Uncumbersome but potent fast-acting physical relaxation and mental de-cluttering make for a fantastic alcohol alternative that unquestionably sparks joy.

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You can purchase the new Hi-Boy CANNs, as well as other offerings, for free delivery or in-store at Emjay.

About CANN’s Hi-Boys​

CANN Hi-Boys are the latest addition to CANN’s marvelous line of products and we here at Emjay couldn’t be happier to bring them to your doorstep.

CANN uses reverse-osmosis carbonated water with agave from Mexico and juice not from concentrate to mix with their pure cannabis extract. These are for people who want to drink clean and get all the flavor of a mixologist’s cocktail without the downsides. Hi-Boys bedazzle the night in Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and the Blood Orange Cardamom.

CANN is the future of social drinking. And Hi-Boys are for those who want to make it a double. Unlike the extra shot of tequila which you know will not end well. CANN avoids all the pitfalls of going too hard on booze. No hangover, no regrets, and a whole lot more social grace than any beer or seltzer on the market. These adorably punny Hi-Boys pour 4 more ounces and more than double the THC of their remarkable 8oz Lemon Lavendar [link].

CANN is precisely dosed to avoid the pitfalls of edibles as well. No couch lock, you won’t get too high, and it doesn’t last for all eternity like the mega-dosed chocolate bars of yesterday. Responsible, approachable microdosing is the wave of the future and will continue to evolve as cannabis becomes more and more a part of the country’s mainstream. 

CANN is perfect for those just dipping their toes into the cannabis game. Offer these to your loved ones who are curious about cannabis but nervous to take the dive. It’s a great opportunity to include more people in the rotation and the 5mg dosed Hi-Boys will delight the OG as thoroughly as the newcomer.

CANN provides the perfect opportunity to go at your own pace. CANN varies THC and CBD levels across their vast array of products so there’s something for everybody. If you’re new here sip the Hi-Boy slowly and give the fast-acting results the opportunity to kick in before you dive in for more.

Blood Orange Cardamom Hi-Boys from CANN


As CANN’s latest addition to their impressive rotation, Hi-Boys denote an evolution in all the best assets of the brand. Innovation hallmarks the CANN name and increasing their dosage offerings and serving size is a brilliant step in that direction. The Hi-Boy offers 2.5 times the THC dosing of their original offerings and skips the CBD for a more cerebral experience. 

The name itself further delves us into the playful, fun, queer-owned spirit of the brand. Founded in Venice, CA CANN continues the robust legacy of the queer community’s contributions to ending cannabis prohibition. Initially rallied behind as a resource for AIDS patients as a less caustic alternative to Big Pharma chemicals, cannabis legalization in California is due in large part to Queer Activism. It is fantastic to see this tradition upheld and done so wonderfully.

Hi-Boys pay homage to queer culture with a fun, updated twist on the tall cans of beer and malt liquor popular at gas stations and convenience stores. It’s such a remarkable update to see gorgeous, bright-colored, inviting labeling on a cold can of cannabis instead of the gut-wrenching memories many cans in this size summon. CANN evolves our beverage game and is the ideal alternative for a day at the beach, a night at the party, or celebratory bubbly for those who don’t drink. 


The CANN experience begins with the visual feast of its packaging. “Hi Boy let me elevate you” reads the bright orange box. “Toast Me To Good Times” reads the back.  If you haven’t dumped out your wallet to indiscriminately throw all your hard-earned money at them yet the gorgeous, eye-popping CANN might be what does it. CANN designs their drinks like accessories and this baby reads class

Open the CANN and a gorgeous bouquet awaits. Lots of the promised blood orange and cardamom on the nose for an overall whiff of refreshment. The first sip is even better than it smells. I would drink these on flavor alone as they substantially outpace the quality of any lightly essenced sparkling water on the market-yup even that big name and trust me I’ve tried them all.

The side of the CANN includes a sincerely charming product description and the box promises a 10-15 minute onset of the full 5mg effects.  I drank mine with dinner and it pairs well with a variety of flavors. Drinking it solely for taste alone I forgot about the cannabis and honestly, about 5 minutes in the onset of calm began.  The Hi-Boy absolutely delivers on its promise of increased strength and although no CBD is listed it still provides a fantastic somatic release.

I was the Bar Manager of an ultra-trendy beloved vegan restaurant here in Los Angeles and was in charge of determining the tap list, wine list, cocktail list, espresso bar, drip and cold brew coffee,  flavored lemonades and iced-teas, sparkling water, and kombucha selections.  From this work, I got in the habit of making mental note of what I would do to improve anything I tasted. 

For CANN’s Blood Orange Cardamom Hi-Boy I have exactly zero notes. The flavor profile is a perfect symphony of defined, harmonious notes without disruption. The cannabis blends in nicely on the taste buds but bursts through effervescently in your experience. These are excellent and deserving of every sincere cannassieur’s fridge space. 


Paying 5 dollars per Hi-Boy is a fantastic opportunity to participate in highway robbery without the threat of jailtime-$20 for the 4-pack is a steal.

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