Product Review: Claybourne Cannabis Infused Black Triangle Pre-Roll Flyers

by Carrie Dabshaw

Claybourne Flyers At-A-Glance


Claybourne respects your time and bank account with affordable, uncomplicated pre-rolls strong beyond their price point.


Abscond easily and effortlessly with a robust and rapid ascent into a comforted, contented mood elevation for a night well spent.


Any two pre-rolls for $16 is a steal. For infused joints it's unheard of. On sale at $11 you are robbing them.

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Make The Wright Brothers proud with Claybourne Infused Flyers for free delivery and in-store pick up through Emjay.

About Claybourne

With a thunderous exclamation, Claybourne Co. joyfully objects to whatever moment in time cannabis started taking itself so freaking seriously. Weed is supposed to be fun, you guys. Yes, it can also be healing, and it is forever magical, but why can’t we just let it be fun? With a big step back from the unnecessary clawing for clout and unmanageable social media hype, Claybourne focuses solely on the least stressful and most pleasing aspects of flower power.

Claybourne Co.’s expansive line of products touts a variety of strains, formats, and nug sizes for all your giggling needs. With big buds and smalls at various price points, Claybourne’s jars and boxes pop up frequently in our Emjay delivery bags. With $115 on the half, Claybourne is spotting you at under $30/eighth, which can be hard to come by these days. The cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain are listed on the glass, and this level of attention makes the price point even more enticing. 

Claybourne’s pre-roll line of “Flyers” exemplifies the heart, innovation, and (you guessed it) more weed-infused in every aspect of their simplified jays. Claybourne’s strain-specific, kief-infused jays come in single, double, and triple-infused strengths. These “Flyers” tout clear skies and in-bound joy for your most turbulent days and nights. The single infused option featured here serves up a fine half-gram combination of flower and kief for an elevated but more mellow infusion effect. Honestly, we really don’t need to get as high as fast as some marketing execs may have us think. It can be a lot more fun, take it slow and melt into the experience.

Cruising at even more earthbound altitude, Claybourne’s Power Line allows you to choose the trajectory of your own ascent with an eighth of pre-ground, small bud flower bundled with a separate, added gram of kief to supercharge the smoking experience. With the flower held in the newly trending roll-your-own-pouch (see: Old Pal) and the kief held in a conveniently scoopable jar, this is an amazing update to the jay rolling kits of years gone by. And a big W for the Fun team.


Claybourne stands out in our densely crowded cannabis market, offering an extra sprinkling of loving attention. Creative product naming and the invitation to “Take Flights with Flyers,” Claybourne puts a little pizzazz on the pitch, and I appreciate the extra effort. Strain descriptions on their website are playful and smirk-inducing with Ice Cream Paint job, for example, reading “green on the inside, cream on the outside.” Claybourne differentiates itself from the too-cool-for-school labels that give no information on their flower. Here’s the weed, have some fun, Claybourne quietly explains.

Unbleached rolling papers free of calcium carbonate make Claybourne’s flyers smooth sailing in both tried-and-true and newfangled strain options. For the oldheads, Claybourne offers King Louis and Super Silver Haze. While those looking to step outside their comfort zone have Golden Strawberry, Orange Fresca, Black Cherry Punch, and Mango Sherbet to choose from.

The Black Triangle featured here is Triangle Kush x G13 to form the hypotonus of your high. Like the Bermuda Triangle, these smokes promise to suck the intrepid traveler into a dimension unknown with an immersive, engulfing presence. Are there portals to dimensions unknown hidden surreptitiously among us? Will we ever find the wormholes the majority of preeminent physicists believe would put time travel within reach? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Find your answers and more on the other end of this economy-priced first-class experience. 


My Emjay delivery came right on time with a warm smile and friendly conversation from my courier (shout out, Richard!). It’s times like this when you wish you could tell your previous selves that they won’t believe the future. The buzz begins with the most convenient possible means of getting the world’s finest cannabis lovingly dropped into your welcoming arms. It’s hard not to feel elated when drug deals have become this convenient and pleasant. 

Claybourne’s packaging is reassuring in its disinterest in showing off. The aesthetic is very inviting but with an understated confidence that is missing both in the cannabis game and life generally. Claybourne is like the old friend you can just be yourself with– the masc of center one who doesn’t need to flex to show their muscle. The tube is nicely sized to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to conceal if need be. The jays look professionally rolled but without the sterility that often comes with them. 

Each pre-roll comes in unbleached papers free of calcium carbonate and tapers perfectly at the flower’s event horizon. With a generous and well-branded filter, Black Triangle really nails a look without any unnecessary effort. Claybourne’s Infused Flyers may look small but I know from my experience with their Mango Sherbet that these lil’ fellas are mighty. With the introduction of supercharged kief, I am certain this will be enough for both you and me to get where we’re going. They also seem perfectly dosed and sized for a quick smoke with a potent altitude acceleration.

Not much aroma makes it through the rolling papers so we will be going bravely into infinity and beyond without the forewarning of our nostrils. Claybourne’s Flyers light and burn perfectly with all the benefits of automation and precision we could only dream of when sloppy, hastily packed loose hand-rolled jays were the only option. The unbleached papers really leave their hands off the flavor and the inhale is surprisingly light and clean considering the pre-roll formation. Not much of the flower’s individual flavor profile makes it through but the stock joint flavor is really delicious.

Black Triangle’s inhale continues the motif of nostalgia and comfort with a flash of “how weed used to be” but at today’s level of professionalism. If you are not into spending any longer than 20 seconds deciding on cannabis, read no further buy this without question. Black Triangle offers an uncomplicated ease and well-being that we all hope for from cannabis. Do not waste this sunshine vibe on your mid-shift lunch break, save it for when you can just enjoy yourself. This is not a smoke for running errands or knocking out your household chores. 

Black Triangle calls you back home to an inner sense of fun and safety that needn’t be bothered with the outside world for a minute. Snuggle up in bed with your favorite cereal or sit in attentive commune with your plants. There’s no need to do it on this flight. Just trust the pilot will safely lift you where you need and put your feet up for a minute. This is a great fit for adventurous psychedelic music (I like Dub Side of the Moon a reggae take on Pink Floyd’s Dark ) or engaging, experimental cinema (Good Time is a fabulous and underloved example). Whatever and however brings you closer to yourself is the right plus one for this adventure.


On sale, this is 2 bomb ass pre-rolls for $11. Regularly priced at $16, the two-pack-taking flight for under $10 per infused pre-roll is really refreshing. 

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