Everything You Need to Know About The Cannabis Brand WYLD

by Leslie McMann
Wyld cannabis brand info from Emjay

WYLD didn’t invent the cannabis-infused gummy, but they sure did perfect it. Beloved across the Golden State and beyond, WYLD’s gummies contain real fruit and natural flavors, making them a healthier alternative to candy-like competitors. Since 2016, WYLD has remained true to itself and its consumers. They’re an independent company with progressive values, partnered with several charities and activist organizations supporting sustainable farming, environmental protection, racial justice, and repairing the social damage of the failed War on Drugs. While they’ve been a favorite edible among those in the know for years, WYLD reached national fame during the 2020 pandemic. Available in almost every state with a legal recreational program, WYLD plans to someday sell across North America.

WYLD sources its cannabis extracts from growers using sustainable practices. WYLD gummies come in a variety of flavors and concentrations of THC and CBD, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Bonus: these gummies are larger in size than the average weed candy, so they really hit the spot when you’re craving something sweet without driving you to eat too many and accidentally get too high.

A note on edibles: if this is your first time trying cannabis-infused edibles, start with just one and be patient! It can take 45 minutes to an hour for a person to start “feeling it” after eating cannabis. Don’t rush it and go back for more, or you might wind up in over your head. While overdose isn’t a risk with eating too many edibles, the effect will be long and unpleasant.

WYLD gummies brand info from Emjay

WYLD Marionberry Indica Gummy Pack

One of the original WYLD flavors, marionberries are a juicy, sweet blackberry grown in WYLD’s home state of Oregon. Made with indica cannabis extract, these gummies are best for trying to relax at the end of the day. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 0mg CBD.

WYLD Raspberry Sativa Gummy Pack

The other original WYLD flavor, the raspberry gummies are the day to the marionberry’s night. Made with sativa cannabis extract, these gummies are best for daytime use. While you will feel more relaxed your mind will still be active and focused. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 0mg CBD.

WYLD Huckleberry Hybrid Gummy Pack

Not just a literary hero, huckleberries are similar to blueberries. WYLD’s huckleberry gummies use cannabis extract from hybrid strains, which balance sativa and indica characteristics. This gummy is versatile, for day, evening, or night use. The high creates a feeling of general contentedness and good cheer. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 0mg CBD.

WYLD Peach Hybrid CBD Gummy Pack (2:1)

The Peach CBD gummies are a great choice for those new to edibles or cannabis in general. Research shows CBD, a cannabinoid whose psychoactive effects aren’t as powerful as THC, can help relieve some of the more intimidating effects of getting high, such as paranoia when used in combination with THC. The peach gummies contain a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD, so you can still feel the full effects of an infused edible, but with a little CBD to ease the way. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Everything you need to know about the cannabis brand Wyld

WYLD Pear Hybrid Gummy Pack THC:CBG (1:1)

These crisp gummies are infused with THC and a rarer cannabinoid called cannabigerol (CBG). Though not as well-studied as THC and CBD, research indicated CBG has some restorative health effects and can aid in the relief of pain and stress without the same psychoactive mental effects as THC. The pear gummies are a good choice for those seeking a balance between symptom relief and a euphoric high. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 10mg CBG.

WYLD Pomegranate Hybrid Gummy Pack (1:1)

Another great choice for those sensitive to edibles or who want a more laid-back experience, the Pomegranate Hybrid Gummy Pack provides an equal balance of THC and CBD. Oh, and pomegranates are full of healthy antioxidants. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 10mg CBD.

WYLD Strawberry CBD Gummy Pack (20:1)

For those looking for more CBD than THC, WYLD made these strawberry gummies with a 20:1 ratio. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 200mg CBD.

WYLD Elderberry Hybrid THC:CBN Gummy Pack (2:1)

Elderberries are a popular folk remedy for a variety of illnesses and ailments, but these gummies are the cure for insomnia and sleeplessness. Infused with cannabinol (CBN), which studies show may create a sedative effect when used in combination with THC, the gummies are the perfect treat before bed. Just stay awake long enough to brush your teeth. Every pack contains 10 gummies, each with 10mg THC and 5mg CBN.

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