How to Get Prerolls For a Dollar & More Discounted Weed at Our San Diego Location

by Doug
rewards for buying weed

If you’re in San Diego and you love a good dispensary visit, you are in luck

Some more good news for everyone who loves to “leave the house” and “be out in the world”: Our retail store, just launched a loyalty card program, wherein the more weed you buy in-store, the more weed you get at a big discount. Here’s how Emjay Rewards works:

  1. Pop into Emjay (7180 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942) and ask a budtender for a Emjay Rewards card at checkout.
  2. Bank that first hole-punch with your first purchase. 
  3. Come back again to get that 2nd hole punch AND a 1-dollar preroll with your next purchase.
  4. Keep putting in the work (and by “work,” we mean smoking weed). After your 5th holepunch, you get 10% off your next visit.
  5. After you’ve knocked out your whole card with 10 holepunches, you get 25% off your next purchase. And THEN:
  6. Ask your budtender for a fresh card and you’ll also get ANOTHER 1-dollar preroll.
san diego weed punchcard

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