The 6 Best Edibles To Gift

by Bridey Hicks

Best edibles to gift

It’s no secret that weed and food go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, you *could* even buy or make a cannabis-infused peanut butter and jelly sandwich if your heart desired one. The world we live in today? Abundant. How I’m feeling? Infinite.

While toking and then eating a crazy amount of delicious food is always a good move, sometimes an even better move is to get high while you’re eating. Enter: edibles.

With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to get into shopping mode, and start picking out gifts for your loved ones. Since cannabis edibles have an endless amount of options for products and types of foods/treats/drinks, there is (and always will be) something for everyone. 

What do ya say, classic brownie? Lollipop? Mints? Soda? We’ll leave that part up to you. 

Edibles perfect for the beginner

If the person you’re gifting this to is just starting to get comfortable with marijuana, something with a little less THC and more CBD may be the perfect fit for them. 

Kanha’s Peach Gummies (4:1)

Kanha’s Peach-flavored gummies are made up of 10mg CBD and 2.5mg of THC per piece, so they’re right at the sweet spot to feel a little bit of the psychoactive effects from THC. And with their ingredients, coloring, and flavoring all processed naturally, you’ll feel good while you chomp one down. Eat one and feel blissed out 20-90 minutes later.

Plus Mango Relief Gummies (9:1)

Ringing in at 9mg CBD and 1mg THC per piece, Plus Mango Relief Gummies are here to soothe and relax. Whether you need a break from everyday stress (who doesn’t?) or are in need of alleviating any muscular tension/pain – these will work wonders. Pop one in and feel the stress melt away. 

Edible gifts for regular cannabis users

Maybe they use cannabis every once in a while, but know how their body reacts to different strains, and they like it! Go ahead and leave the CBD out of the picture for them, they know the ropes. 

Lagunitas Hi Fi Hops Reverb

Beer and weed? Ok, YAH! With 10mg THC per bottle, you’ll be feeling the warm effects of drinking a beer and the effects of a well-balanced, stimulating high with Lagunitas Hi Fi Hops Reverb. While 10mg of THC should be a normal dose for a regular weed consumer, the novelty of finally combining their favorite vices won’t be lost on them. Pop open a cold one and let it take you.

Daydreamers Macchiato Caramel

Soft, chewy caramels, what more can you ask for in an edible? Daydreamers Macchiato Caramel edibles are individually wrapped caramels (so nice of them) are infused with 10mg THC. In other words, you’re gonna have a goooood, flowy night by eating just one of these caramels. 

Perfect edibles for everyday cannabis users

Quite simply: you don’t want to let Derrik down, give them the gift of the sweet, powerful ganj!

Level Protab – Sativa

Fast-acting and strong, the protab is going to make your connoisseur so giddy. With 25mg THC in each tablet, the Level Protab is infused with distilled highly-potent sativa terpenes that will blow your mind and ease your body.

Big Pete’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Big Pete’s Peanut Butter Cookies will get you going. 10 mg in each delicious cookie, enjoying two won’t hurt a pro. Since these are indica, they’ll make you fall into your couch and stay glued for just the right amount of time. Grab a glass of milk, enjoy two cookies, and see where the night takes you. 

Of course, everyone reacts differently to cannabis, and it’s always important to listen to your body whenever partaking. That being said, the right edible for someone does exist, so why not wrap it up in a nice bow and make their night?

If you’re running out of time, don’t fret! We can get you an Emjay product on-demand ASAP. Just add your products to your cart and we’ll get your yummy edibles delivered to you in no time. No questions asked. Well, except for your payment information.

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