Our Reviewer’s Top 5 Favorite Cannabis Products Right Now

by Carrie Dabshaw
Hybrid Babies from Pure Beauty Review

Our product reviewers may have the best jobs in the world. They get to try cannabis from our expansive Emjay menu and tell our beloved readers which California cannabis brands bring the heat.

While the products all shine in their own right, here are the top 5 best cannabis products right now from our product reviewer Carrie Dabshaw. Enjoy.

1. Cereal Milk from Cannabiotix

If you’re here for flower, this one’s for you.  Cannabiotix is sustainably grown with meticulous attention paid to preserving trichomes in the final product.  Unbelievably frosty & delicious, and as comforting as your childhood fave.

2. Cherry AK-47 Infused Blunt from Packwoods

Looking for an infused pre-roll? Look no further than the King of ’em all.  Each blunt is hand-rolled with 2 grams of hand broken down flower, then dipped in concentrate and dusted with dry-shaken trichomes. The result is a surprisingly tasty peerless glass-tipped blunt that lights up your royal confidence.

3. Hybrid Babies from Pure Beauty

Does an infused blunt sound too strong for you? We’ve got just the thing. Pure Beauty goes in the exact opposite direction with session-ably sized pre-rolls for a lively but balanced buzz to go about your day.  Pure Beauty is co-founded and chaired by a woman of color who matters in a legalized cannabis space. Black and brown people bear the brunt of the “War on Drugs” and deserve to profit from the end of Prohibition.

4. Raw Garden’s PAX Era Pods

Stuck in a situation where you need to be more discreet? Throw out your 510 battery and step up to an elevated vape experience with the PAX Era battery. Modulate flavor and temperature and get into Raw Garden’s uncompromising   commitment to quality

5. LEVEL Indica ProTabs

Ok, you don’t want to smoke at all? Don’t worry, we got you. Unparalleled scientific innovation makes for an unmatched therapeutic experience in these easy-to-swallow and dissolvable tablets. Every pitfall of using edibles is ameliorated. This is a game-changer.

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