5 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Cannabis

by Leslie McMann

Your guide to celebrating Thanksgiving with cannabis

Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to relaxing and eating. Considering how beloved the day is by stoners, it’s hard to believe the holiday was invented by such rigid people as the Plymouth pilgrims – now that’s a culture that could have benefitted from smoking a little indica. Maybe they wouldn’t have gone on to decimate the native population with smallpox or hang all those people as “witches” if they had a little more chill.

Today, we live in a country where (in many states, at least) people can partake in cannabis consumption freely and openly. So here’s our list of activities to help you seamlessly incorporate cannabis into your Thanksgiving traditions:

Make marijuana gravy

Yes, there’s a recipe for infusing every possible side at Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis, but marijuana gravy is the most versatile. If you make this one, there’s no need to include cannabis in any of the other dishes, except maybe dessert. It’s simple to make and easier to keep separate from those who don’t want to get high at dinner.

Just follow our recipe for cannabutter and use that where your typical gravy recipe would call for regular butter. Then, anyone who chooses can pour it over their food, instantly turning their plate into a feast of edibles. Just remember to make some regular gravy for people who want to stay sober, and clearly label the two options so there’s no mix-up. Accidentally dosing Grandpa is NOT recommended.

Toke up before dinner

If you’re unable to make edibles for Thanksgiving, you just have to get high the old fashioned way. This is a good option if you’re being denied access to the kitchen while the cooks are busy. In the spirit of the holiday, round up your siblings, cousins, friends and/or any relatives so inclined to join you for a smoke sesh. Go for a walk or sit in the backyard and pass a joint or a blunt around to get the munchies going. Now everyone will be hungry enough to eat anything put on their plate, even Aunt Bev’s Mystery Casserole.

Make handprint turkey decorations

Just like kindergarten! All you need is paint, paper, and your hands. Cover the palm of your hand in paint from fingertip to wrist. This is a really cool sensation while you’re high. Spreading your fingers, make a handprint on the paper. Your thumb is the turkey head and neck, while the other fingers are the big feather tail. Decorate further as you please. Remember to wash your hands after you’re done or risk ruining Grandma’s heirloom tablecloth and getting written out of the will.

Start a debate about cannabis legalization

It’s not really Thanksgiving without a good ole family argument. There’s always something to be said about cannabis legalization, even if it’s already been legalized in your state. Besides your great uncle’s old “they should never have legalized this devil weed!” shtick, everyone has an opinion on who should profit from the industry, who should be allowed to grow, who should be allowed to sell, and how the government should, or shouldn’t, tax the whole shebang. In the American spirit of free speech, why don’t you pose a question to the table, and let the chips fall where they may?

Post-turkey dinner nap

Maybe a nap doesn’t quite count as an activity, but we know you’re going to need one by the end of the festivities. It’s pretty common for weed to make people sleepy, but combine it with eating a large meal of starches and tryptophan-rich turkey, and you’re in for a snoozer. After dinner is a good time to smoke a little more, to give yourself time to digest before you lay down– because you’re going to stay down for a while.

Whether you’re celebrating in person or hosting over Zoom, we here at Emjay want to wish you a happy, heartwarming and delicious Thanksgiving. While much this year is uncertain, there is still a lot to appreciate and be thankful for. We thank you for helping us spread good vibes at a time when we all really need them.

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