Alien Labs Indoor Area 41 Review

by Carrie Dabshaw

Area 41 At-A-Glance


Cosmically creative Alien Labs adds another zonked out indoor flower to their spaceship.


Trippy, far out stoner vibes cast a sweeping tie-dye net of chill over your experience.


Get in on civilian space travel while it's still cheap- $50 to fly among the stars.

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To infinity & beyond....get galactic with Alien Labs Indoor Area 41 and Emjay.

About Alien Labs

Cherokee Tribes refer to cannabis as Gatunlati and believe that star people seeded our planet with it to teach us. The endocannabinoid system and its connection to nearly every pertinent process of the human body (motor skill, cardiovascular function, mood, appetite, and sleep) seem to provide a hard-wired explanation for the expansive experiential value we can attest to. Beyond an irrefutably bitchin’ line of cannapparel and mean roster of cannabis goodies, Alien Labs is doing the stars’ work with constant experimentation on the smokes that make us sparkle.

Like our constantly unfurling universe, cannabis bursts into expansive luminosity before our very eyes and lungs. And Alien Labs never stops experimenting with ways to bring that magic to us. Alien Labs first caught my eye with their fantastic Milky Way Sauce and the silky smooth safety it cultivates. LA can be a hellscape-let this teaching plant remind you of your galactic well-being. On board with Alien Labs’ indoor-grown pre-rolls I got a starlit journey into serendipity when a long marauding night walk turned into a scavenger hunt for the joint I dropped along the way and ended successfully (pro tip: don’t get too high before writing your weed review to write your weed review). Most recently venturing into Live Resin 510 Carts E.T.’s science project truly made one small step for stoners and one giant leap for smokerkind with their fabulous Moonbow.

Alien Labs commits fully to their extraterrestrial branding in their provocative tagline “Transmitting from 2069”. The sparkling expanse of space is vast beyond our wildest imagination and most ambitious comprehension. Even at the speed of light, the unknowable mystery of creation situates our years away from our nearest neighbors. By the time we receive the light emitted by our distant celestial cousins, we are witnessing their past. 

The cannabis plant blossoms from the inherent magic of our living earth-born of the mystical dance between the cosmic energy of the sun, the distinctly Earthling mystery of water, and the unspeakably remarkable circumstances that brought them together in the first place. With these fantastic mysteries right in front of us, it’s hard not to wonder what else we don’t know. Have extraterrestrials contributed to the evolution of human history? Whatever happened to those obelisks in 2020 Utah? Alien Labs offers the space for you to test out your theories with cannabis’ highly esteemed pedigree co-piloting your inquiry.


Alien Labs echoes a familiar sentiment: “as one awakes the illusion unravels”. When the useful but ultimately confining illusion of the self falls away we can see what Jim Morrison’s band promised everything as it-infinite. What makes you a “You”? Is it the thoughts that come and go? Physical sensations that arise and pass? Emotions that may linger but without exception dissipate? If we look close enough there’s not much to hold on to in here. All of our cells are replaced every 7 years and according to Heinsenberg we are uncertain where the majority of those cells spend most of their time. 

There is just space. Tons and tons of space. With lots of colors, sounds, shapes, lights, vibrations, thoughts, emotions, and flashes of insight in between. Those phenomenon may get tangled up for some time. But they ultimately will become untethered and released back into space to perhaps again become another something else later on. Maybe the vibrations of music and the heat of the sun are no more or less “you” or “me” than the broken record of thought or sudden rush of emotion that we think ourselves to be. Maybe it’s all just equally one small part room tone of this space.

Cannabis is thought (in certain doses, in certain people) to assist in what scientists call “divergent thinking” or creative problem-solving. Have you had any experiences where cannabis opened you up to new perspectives on something challenging? What about a new level of acceptance on a topic that normally bothers you? Or increased tolerance for someone who annoys the hell out of you? Cannabis as a teacher is a revolutionary shift in approaching the intention with which you smoke. So as you pull up to Alien Labs cross of Lemon OG x Gelato 41-what can you let go of tonight?


Having been lucky enough to try the vast array of Alien Labs marvelous line of products I can tell you it’s not just the buzz that’s high flyin’. Alien Labs branding is slammin’. Cannabis inherently is a multisensory experience-the sights, sounds, feelings and insights that are we invited to vibe with when we toke up. Adding works of art on the cover of the package that comes in is a wonderful additional layer of deliciousness in the multidimensional feast. 

Alien Labs uses beautiful graphic design to aid in their storytelling. The first step of the journey begins with the prologue on the jar. Alien Labs Area 41 is not only beautiful but innovative and unique in how it uses its canvas.  The promise of “transmitting from 2069” is achieved with a forward thinking wrap of colors that is both abstract and distinctly extraterrestrial. If you didn’t already know what the packaging held you might imagine crystals charged by the full moon, a pestle and mortar prepping for potion, or some marvelously happened upon space dust. The visuals bring the full ambiance of New Mexico’s famed alien district into your living room.

If the flower wasn’t loud enough to pierce the thick jar the untrained eye would probably not assume tremendous indoor cannabis awaits inside. Area 41 would be dope to keep out on the coffee table not as transparent humble brag or poorly executed flex but because it sincerely adds to the decor. Part lava lamp, part thermal night vision, part distant celestial neighbor Area 41 makes you somehow even more excited about what’s next. Before the protective seal even makes it off the moongrown buds, a brilliant aroma fills the air. 

Area 41 is packs a floral bouquet worth more than any fashionista’s much more expensive scent. The nose is lively, bright, fruit, and trustworthy. The buds smell healthy with a breath of seabreeze-nothing here is reminscent of a dank, dark stoner dormroom. Area 41 nugs are stunning-healthy and robust with a plump glow bespeaking of a well monitored pedigree. The flower’s formation is dense and tightly held-like the quiet kid in class that keeps to themselves but bursts into humor and sparkling eyes as soon as they are given a chance. The backbone of Area 41’s nug structure is a thick glue of trichomes that glistens with just enough swagger to let you know they’ve got the good good.

Put more crassly-Area 41 is the unassuming self assured partner that feels no need to show off at the party but will always be zeroed in on your G-spot if you are wise enough to take them home. Alien Labs offers a confident, reliable, experience that shifts no effort from quality to braggadocio. Storming Area 41 with your grinder unveils a light sour scent taking a back seat among the brighter notes.

Lighting up, Area 41 quickly becomes the single cheapest place in The States to get your gas. The diesel inhale is hearty but amenable so you never feel like you’re doing your body dirty by refusing to put it down. Area 41 is a classic psychedelic stoner stereotype in a pipe. Prepare to zone out to trippy music, debate musingly about the cosmos, and get hella irreverent.  With the comfort of a day in bed with The Simpsons, Area 41 seems like a supportively familiar classic. The body is mellow and slothful so this is not the time to get things done. Plan on talking to yourself and ugly laughing more than a few times.


Flower that makes you feel good at a price that makes you feel smart. Top shelf quality for ten bucks less-$50/eighth.

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