How To Host the Best Halloweed Party

by Leslie McMann
Halloween hellaweed party ideas from Emjay

Halloween is my favorite holiday and, in my opinion, as a professional cannabis enthusiast, the best holiday to celebrate as a stoner. Eating too much candy, frolicking in the cool night air, wearing a silly costume: these activities are all greatly enhanced with a little THC.

Last year I gave you party recommendations designed to let you still celebrate Halloweed without contracting Covid-19. But now, unless you’re a braindead zombie or, like, 12 years old (and if you’re 12, you shouldn’t be reading this!), then you should have gotten vaccinated by now and have permission to mingle. So this year, the party planning committee at Emjay (me) has these activities planned for a live, in-person Halloweed party:

1. Set the mood with a vibey playlist

Every party needs a soundtrack, and music and weed go together like goblins and ghouls. Audiophiles reading this have probably already curated their own playlists, but as a tone-deaf stoner, I swear by the holy algorithms at Spotify to choose good music for me. Searching “stoner” or “weed” pulls up some perennial cannabis tunes. But if you want Halloween hits like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller,” Spotify has a dozen Halloween playlists, including one with hours of scary stories.

2. Pass a Packwoods blunt around the fire 

For the vaccinated gang only, I’m serious! Share in the ancient, pre-pandemic experience of indirectly swapping spit as a group while getting nicely toasted, both in front of the fire and from a fire Packwoods infused pre-roll blunt. 100% tobacco-free wraps dipped in concentrate surround premium ground flower and a glass tip, then the whole thing is dusted with kief. Now’s also a great opportunity to swap some scary stories.

3. Watch a scary movie while blazing high

Not for the faint of heart! Combining weed and scary movies goes one of two ways: you’ll either feel a heightened sense of unease and react more sharply to jump scares, long dark hallways, etc., or…you just can’t stop laughing at the cheesy effects or illogical plot. And in a group setting, you’re going to see both, which makes for a show in itself. Not sure what to watch and/or smoke? Check out our article on the best scary movie and weed pairings. 

4. See who can take the biggest hit from the Great Pumpkin Bong

Nothing says fall like smoking weed out of seasonal gourds. Making a pumpkin bong is quick and easy while looking super dope as a centerpiece on your party table. This isn’t your mom’s autumnal squash display, though! Choose a large pumpkin to maximize the bong’s volume– as big or bigger than your head. Hold a contest to see who can take the largest hit from the pumpkin bong. When it’s over, crown the winner Pumpkin King/Queen by repurposing the pumpkin bong into a pumpkin head. Just remove the lid, turn the pumpkin upside down, carve a jack-o-lantern face, and enlarge the opening until it can comfortably fit over the winner’s head. Now the contest is how long they can stand to wear an old bong on their face.

Petra Kiva_Halloween

5. Eat the best (THC-infused) candy

It’s not Halloween without candy! And sure, you should probably get plenty of the regular stuff, but your guests would surely appreciate some more– ahem– adult offerings? Emjay has several sweet edibles that are both delicious and potent, like gummies and chocolate from KIVA. Conveniently, all KIVA products are 25% off until Halloween.  And even if you’re just ordering one chocolate bar for yourself, we’ll always deliver it to your door for free.

Get your Halloween orders to Emjay in advance to make sure you get the best edibles and weed before they sell out. We also have some scary good deals this week that won’t be here next month, plus a whole bunch of fresh drops.

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