How To Make A Pumpkin Bong In Just 5 Steps

by Leslie McMann
Pumpkin bong how to from Emjay. Photo by Szabó János on Unsplash

If there’s one thing stoners are good at, it’s figuring out how to turn anything into a bong.

Fruits are a classic choice for unconventional bongs for their prevalence in the wild (and the grocery store), their disposable nature, and all-natural flavor. While you could use any old apple this time of year, why not make a statement at this year’s Halloween party with a giant pumpkin bong? An average-sized pumpkin, after its innards are scooped out, can hold the same or greater volume of smoke as some overpriced 3-foot tall novelty bong. And when you pick out a novelty bong you don’t usually get to enjoy a hayride or apple cider donuts at the same time.

Technically speaking, almost any autumn squash can be turned into a bong. So if you’re not so into Halloween but you do curate a decorative autumn squash display every fall, why not make your butternut centerpiece pull double duty? Turn it into a bong!

If you’re ready to inhale the spirit of Halloween and bippity-boppity-boo a pumpkin into a beautiful bong, here’s what you’ll need.

Pumpkin Bong Ingredients

You need:
1 pumpkin with stem, jack-o-lantern sized
1 bong downstem with bowl
A sharp knife
A lighter
Your weed of choice, ground and ready to smoke

5 steps to make a pumpkin bong:

1. Use the knife to cut a large hole in the top of the pumpkin, around its stem, making a lid you can lift on and off. Be careful with the cuts, as you want the pumpkin and its lid to have a tight seal. Make sure the hole is big enough that you can comfortably fit your hand inside.

2. With the lid off, reach into the pumpkin and scoop out its disgusting, goopy innards. You can technically use a spoon, but using your hands is faster. We recommend saving the pumpkin goop and seeds for future use in baked goods, edibles, and/or pranks. Replace the lid.

3. Cut a hole in the side of the pumpkin for the bong downstem, placing it near the pumpkin’s mid-section. Make sure the stem has a very tight fit, so no smoke will escape, and insert it at a roughly 45-degree angle.

4. Rotate the pumpkin 180 degrees and place a small mouth hole near the top of the pumpkin. The mouth hole should be higher and on the opposite side of the pumpkin than the stem hole. If you have another downstem, you can place it in the mouth hole to use for inhaling the smoke. Otherwise, your lips and this pumpkin will soon be very well-acquainted.

5. Fill the bowl up with your weed and light her up! If you fill the pumpkin with enough smoke, some will start to rise from the mouth hole and around the edge of the lid in the most spooky way! When it comes to Halloween ambiance, we definitely prefer clouds of weed smoke to nasty dry ice.

For the purposes of hygiene, we recommend using your pumpkin bong for one night only. No one wants to inhale from a rotting pumpkin.

After thoroughly infusing your pumpkin with cannabis smoke for a night, you can cut more holes into it and turn it into a very stoned jack-o-lantern. Or carry it as part of your Headless Horseman costume. Or catapult it from your roof while blasting Smashing Pumpkins—the possibilities are endless. No doubt you’ll come up with plenty of ideas on how to dispose of your pumpkin bong after it gets you and your friends hella high this Halloween.

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