The 5 Best Green Wednesday Deals on Emjay in 2021

by Leslie McMann
Leune thanksgiving green wednesday_Emjay deals

If you thought 4/20 was the biggest day in cannabis, you’d be dead wrong. Year after year since legalization, the biggest sales day in the industry is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 

In fact, sales are so huge that many dispensaries report completely selling out of stock before closing time on “Green Wednesday.” And while Emjay will deliver every day of Thanksgiving week (though we are ending deliveries at 6pm on Thursday so our delivery team can have a good dinner with their families), a lot of dispensaries decide it’s not economical to open on Thanksgiving or Black Friday with most of their shelves empty. Upside: some retail workers in the cannabis industry get two days off to be with loved ones while their comrades at the big box stores get trampled by the mob. Downside: wait too late to order and risk eating Thanksgiving dinner without the munchies or shopping for a new TV at 5am on Friday completely sober!

Even with the increased foot traffic (or in our case, home traffic? Couch traffic?) from customers looking to buy some calming herb before visiting the family on Green Wednesday boosting overall sales, the crazy deals are what make Green Wednesday the top cannabis sales day of the year. This year we’re offering you absolutely insane deals on the best products from five of our favorite brands. The week of Thanksgiving the below brands will be 25% off, and on Green Wednesday they will all be 35% off. To sweeten the deal even further, Emjay is offering 10% off your total purchase on Green Wednesday only. So mix and match, buy in bulk, heck even do your holiday gift shopping—any way you slice it, Green Wednesday at Emjay is going to be fire.

Fuzzies _ Emjay thanksgiving week deal for Green Wednesday

1. Fuzzies prerolls

Fuzzies pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes, strengths, and infusions so you can choose the right one for your situation. The 5-pack shorties may be small but they’re super-charged with 3 different concentrates and hold ⅛ oz of flower altogether– great for when you’re traveling with limited packing space or just don’t want the hassle of rolling your own joint every night. The single King Pre-roll, covered in kief and infused with both distillate and natural terpenes, is perfect for sharing with your cousins before Thanksgiving dinner.

Bloom vape hero image

2. Bloom vapes

Bloom has been leading the vape cartridge market since 2014 with its terp-heavy distillate and sleek hardware design. While other vape oils lose most of their terpene profile in the distillation process, Bloom goes the extra mile and adds those lovely terps back into their oil, recreating the same flavor profiles found in the strain’s raw flower.

Leune flower on Emjay for Green Wednesday

3. LEUNE flower

LEUNE is known for “honestly grown flower” and we can confirm it’s honestly very good. Offering a range of strains grown indoors, with mixed light or in sunlight only, LEUNE offers premium flower appealing to every kind of cannabis consumer– veteran, beginner, all about sustainability or all about potency, and everything in between.

Huckleberry from Wyld_ Emjay Green Wednesday thanksgiving deals

4. Wyld gummies

If you can even manage to fit more in your stomach after Grandma’s roast turkey dinner, cap the evening with a WYLD gummy in a classic fruit flavor like strawberry, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of the exotic North American berry flavors like marionberry or huckleberry. All gummies are made with real fruit and natural flavors.

Utopia cannabis concentrates _ Emjay Green Wednesday deals for thanksgiving week

5. Utopia extracts

Utopia specializes in additive-free, full-spectrum concentrates—meaning concentrates that have preserved the entire terpene profile, as opposed to products that distill the cannabis down to just THC. The latest research has shown that using full-spectrum products which include CBD, CBG and terpenes leads to better highs and more potent effects from the THC while lessening undesirable side effects like paranoia.

These deals are only available while we still have the products in stock. Use our “Schedule For Later” feature at checkout to place your order in advance and make sure you’ll be stocked up before Thanksgiving.

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