The 7 Best Cannabis Vape Pens Under $30

by Leslie McMann
Raw Garden Cartridge_howtovape

#VapeLife has dominated recreational cannabis—and also our wallets.

The popularity, convenience, and ease of vaping can be offset by how expensive it is to keep up the habit: new carts, new pods, upgrading your batteries to new models. Smoking from bowls and joints has been around forever, but these days an innovative new (and oftentimes, pricey) vaporizer seems to come out every month. Staring at a single-digit balance in your banking app can really kill the vibe. 

But we love you, we look out for you, and we appreciate you. Here’s our list of the best vapes under $30 you can get delivered with Emjay. Just remember us once you’re rich and famous.

Stiiizy's Liiil vape.

STIIIZY LIIIL disposable vapes $25

The best disposable pen out there, LIIIL is just like a regular STIIIZY vaporizer: same oils, same sleek black design, but LIIILs can’t be recharged. Once you have vaped all the oil, you just throw out the device (recycle please!). Available in a wide range of strains including Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Biscotti, the quality, aesthetics, and price all come together to make LIIIL by STIIIZY our pick for number one vape under $30.

Leune's single-use vape, on Emjay.

LEUNE disposable $29

They’re the most expensive on our list, but LEUNE is known for its quality. To get any of their premium products for under $30 is a steal. Their disposable vape pens come in 4 strains: Cloud Berry, Pina Dream, Desert Gold, and Naked. Naked is also the only disposable on this list that contains live resin. Pina Dream is also 60% THC/20% CBD, while the other LEUNE pens only contain THC. So what’s the catch? Each LEUNE disposable vape pen contains only .25 grams of oil.

Timeless half gram vape cartridge on Emjay.

Timeless ½ gram $28

Timeless is known for some of the most delicious, all-natural, additive-free oils. They’re very into terpenes, so they tailor the terpene profile to achieve desired flavors, like tropical fruit or pine, without having to add flavorings to the distillate. Their Maui Wowie and in-house exclusive Cactus Chiller are available in ½ gram cartridges that can be used with any universal vape battery (also known as a 510 thread cartridge).

Raw Garden's half gram vape cartridge on Emjay.

Raw Garden ½ gram 

Raw Garden is the biggest name in California concentrates, and deservedly so. Their products are meticulously made with no additives, just 100% cannabis. And their concentrates always hold up to rigorous testing. Raw Garden ½ gram carts are filled with live resin, preserving the natural taste of the cannabis from when it was first harvested. The sativa Valley Sun and hybrid 4AM Kush are available through Emjay.

Kurvana's half gram vape cartridge on Emjay.

Kurvana disposable $19

Jump on this deal fast, because it’s so good it has to be a typo. The Kurvana ASCND All in One disposable vape normally retails for $45, but through Emjay this trendy little number is just $19. Yes, really. Our Product Reviewer often deems it the best disposable they’ve ever had. So why not grab some of the good stuff?

Stiiizy's half gram cartridge on Emjay.

STIIIZY ½ g $20

True, STIIIZY carts are only compatible with STIIIZY batteries, which retail at $20. Those smokeshop battery pens are ok for the casual vaper, but if you vape a lot or even vape exclusively, you should be investing in some premium hardware. Some people shy away from vape systems that use proprietary pods because they don’t want their choices limited. But STIIIZY is constantly innovating new pod varieties to add to their already extensive collection of different strains, concentrates, and ratios. And, when compared to similar systems like Pax ERA and PlugPlay, STIIIZY has them beat on price.

Raw Garden Pax half gram pod on Emjay

Raw Garden PAX ERA pods $28

These Raw Garden pods are only compatible with the PAX ERA, and are the most affordable available through Emjay. In contrast to STIIIZY, which makes all of its pods in-house, PAX makes the technology while contracting third parties like Raw Garden to fill PAX pods with their own concentrates. While PAX ERA pods from other brands almost always sell for $30+, Raw Garden’s Pink Cindy sativa and Beach Party hybrid are $28 per ½ gram.

We have incredible deals every single day here at Emjay so make sure you subscribe to our email list. We would give everyone all the vapes in the world if we could! But until we revert back to a barter trade system, please humbly accept our recommendations for quality, affordable vapes under $30. 

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