What Is Green Wednesday?

by Leslie McMann

What is Green Wednesday?

Welcome to the cannabis industry’s Black Friday.

“Green Wednesday” is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it is always a hot day for sales at dispensaries. 2020 set a new record surpassing 4/20 sales.

How did this happen? Because the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also the busiest travel day of the year, with so many people going to visit family and friends, Green Wednesday sees a lot of customers from other states where cannabis might not be legal yet. That’s in addition to the locals who want to stock up for turkey day and get a headstart on gift-buying for Hanukkah and Christmas. These factors came together to create a spontaneous holiday celebrating the free market and emerging industries…and weed.

Make sure to order on Emjay for Green Wednesday to take advantage of our Green Wednesday deals. These discounts are going to last the entire week. Unsure what you’ll do with a megaton of cannabis products? Check out our posts here and here for the best strains to buy and activities to do for a cannabis-filled Thanksgiving.

Emjay’s Green Wednesday Giveaway

This Thanksgiving week, 11/22/2021 to 11/28/2021, Emjay customers will receive 25% off all partnered brands throughout the week:

On Green Wednesday itself, every single cannabis product on our website and in-store is 10% off and brand partners are a whopping 35% off. Skip the lines entirely and order through Emjay Delivery (because now you know what’s up).

As always, Emjay will never charge a delivery fee on your order. Enter your address at heyemjay.com to see what products are available near you, fill up your cart, and get ready for a very happy Danksgiving.

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