The Best Gifts For Weed Smokers

by Leslie McMann

What should you get your favorite weed smoker?

Some people are impossible to shop for, but that shouldn’t be the case with stoners. Anyone who knows us knows what we like (hint: it begins with a “w” and ends with a “d”). With the industry constantly growing and innovating, there’s always a new gadget or product that a regular smoker has their eye on. But maybe you’re still at a loss when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your favorite cannabis user? Worry no more, because we made a quick list of the best gifts to buy them this holiday season.

Custom design rolling tray

These can be made by independent sellers on Etsy or websites like, where you can upload any image you want and have it put on a rolling tray. So you can make your buddy a tray with a picture of his dog, or a picture of Bugs Bunny toking up, or a picture of his dog toking up with Bugs Bunny. The possibilities are endless, and the receiver of such a special gift will surely appreciate it. Get your order in early so the designer has time to transpose your image and ship your tray out before Christmas and Hanukkah end.

Stoned Beyond Belief by Action Bronson

Action Bronson, rapper and host of Vice’s F*ck, That’s Delicious, bares all in this love letter to cannabis, writing about everything from flower to the recreational industry with the passion and devotion that can only come from a connoisseur…or canna-seur. Besides the humorous anecdotes from Bronson’s marijuana escapades, readers will love the surreal illustrations and 35 edible recipes from food writer Rachel Wharton.

Napalm 8g Grenade Blunts

The price tag is pretty steep at $150 a pop, but there’s nothing else on the market that will make a stoner feel straight badass quite like these blunts. Stored in a glass grenade that looks dope AF, each pre-roll contains 7 grams of premium flower plus 1 gram live resin diamonds. Napalm promises an even burn and includes a glass tip for consistent air flow. Check out Napalm’s brand page to see which varieties of the Grenade we can deliver to you.

KIVA Confections’ Chocolate Bars and Gummies

We all loved getting showered in candy around the holidays as kids, and for many of us nothing has changed. Except now we might like our sweets with a little something extra. KIVA began with their highly respected marijuana-infused chocolate bars made by a real chocolatier, then quickly made a name for themselves with Camino gummies. Not your typical Sour Patch knock-offs, these gummies come in flavors geared towards an adult palate, like pineapple habanero and yuzu lemon. Buy a bunch of these edibles as stocking stuffers or quick gifts that can be delivered straight to the recipient. See which products can be delivered to you at Kiva’s brand page.

Sherbinski’s Gelato flower strains

There’s no one better in the biz than Sherbinski’s when it comes to premium cannabis. For decades they’ve been cultivating the finest indoor and outdoor flower, becoming so famous they have been mentioned by name in at least 200 hip hop tracks. Their biggest claim to fame though? Popularizing the Gelato family with their original strains: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello. Throw in an orange branded grinder with an eighth of their high-quality flower, and any Sherbinski die-hard would be over the moon. Go to to see which Sherbinski’s products are available near you.

Our biggest piece of advice? Don’t leave your gift shopping until the last minute, as we can’t guarantee all of these high-quality products will stay in stock for long!

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