The 5 Best Strains To Smoke Out Of Your Pumpkin Bong

by Emjay
5 of the best strains to smoke out of your pumpkin bong_ Emjay

From September until November, pumpkin rules the world. There are pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin scented candles, and pumpkin bongs. Yeah, that’s right—pumpkin bongs.

While pumpkin spice lattes have a divisive reputation for being either the best thing that ever happened or the most basic thing that ever happened, pumpkin bongs defy that stereotype. In many ways, it’s a jack o’ lantern that gets you high while imparting a fresh fall flavor into your favorite strain.

A pumpkin makes a perfect bong

A pumpkin’s hearty exterior and naturally cavernous interior make for a surprisingly durable bong that can draw up a fairly large hit. The process is nowhere near as complicated as carving a decorative Halloween pumpkin. We’ve laid out 5 easy steps in how to make a pumpkin bong.

Now, for the fun part. Here are the 5 most spooky, savory cannabis strains to smoke in it:

Best strains to smoke out of your pumpkin bong

When it’s all set and the airflow is working properly, you’re good to pack your pumpkin bowl and smoke. We recommend some fall-flavored strains that will pair well with the aroma that your pumpkin imparts. If you’re going to do it, you might as well go all the way.

1. Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is mysterious and magical in its ways. It tastes like apples, but it’s the surprising notes of vanilla and cream cheese that really surprise you. Our explanation? Willy Wonka made this strain.

The fall flavor of apple dessert pairs perfectly with the fresh, natural flavor of your pumpkin. You’re creating a dreamy dessert buffet when you marry the two together.

2. Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a bright and citrusy strain that will play well with the natural flavor of your pumpkin. It will intensify its sweetness, making it taste like earthy candy. Pumpkin and orange are a dream team for fall recipes. If you feel like kicking it up a notch, you can pour a tiny bit of cranberry juice into your pumpkin to make every hit taste like autumn cider.

3. Lava Cake

Lava Cake may not taste exactly like lava cake, but many people find its flavor profile similar to sugary baked goods. The sugary baking taste is generic enough to combine with the natural flavor of your pumpkin and make pumpkin cake or pumpkin bread in your mouth. How cool is that?

4. Banana Bread

Banana Bread is the king of creeper weed. It’s also the perfect desserty flavor to complement the pumpkin. If you’re looking for something delicious that will really kick you where you want to be kicked, you have to give banana bread a shot.

5. Runtz

Runtz is one of the most popular strains in California. Its presence is felt in tons of different genetic lineage, and it’s a sweet, decadent cannabis strain. Perfect for stuffing into your pumpkin. It’s like the adult version of having candy in a jack-o-lantern?

How long can I use my pumpkin bong?

Pumpkins are hearty, and they last for a long time without breaking down. Their natural sugars and high fiber content keeps them locked into a semi-preserved state until bacteria begin to take over. You can use a pumpkin bong for a couple of days before you should throw it out. Storing it indoors at room temperature away from insects will prolong its lifespan.

But since it’s Halloween, why would you throw it out? Turn it into a jack o lantern. There’s no reason to use double the pumpkins. Make a pumpkin bong first. When you’re done enjoying it, repurpose it into holiday decor. A serrated kitchen knife will easily carve the perfect face into your pumpkin, which will be nice and soft.  It’s savvy, chic, cheap, and a great excuse to smoke weed.

The takeaway

Making a pumpkin bong is easy, fun, and tasty. If you’d rather smoke weed than have a hard cider to get in the Halloween spirit, there’s no better way to do it than with a pumpkin bong. The fact that you can recycle your pumpkin bong into a jack o lantern makes it even better.

If you’re looking for some spooky Halloween smokables, Emjay can deliver them. It’s like trick or treating in reverse. Order them, and in about half an hour, we’ll be there to give you your treat. We have all kinds of strains to pair with your pumpkin bong perfectly.

If you’re looking for more of a traditional treat, we have tons of edible gummies, chocolates, and cookies. Just remember not to chow down on them the same way you’d chow down on Halloween candy. One-piece will do.

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