Everything You Need To Know About The Cannabis Brand Kiva

by Leslie McMann
Lost Farm Kiva Cannabis Brand

When it comes to cannabis-infused desserts, Kiva sets the gold standard. Or maybe green standard? 

Since 2010, at the very start of the legal cannabis market, Scott Palmer and Kristin Knoblich Palmer, partners in cannabusiness and in life, have been perfecting the area of dessert edibles for a refined palate. No Sour Patch Kids knock-offs here: Kiva uses the same techniques and natural ingredients that gourmet chocolatiers and confectioners use to make non-infused desserts. Their high standards for the quality of their candy also extend to their cannabis supply, which is all locally sourced. As one of the first edible companies to self-impose strict standards for potency and consistency, their products can always be relied upon for accurate dosage and purity.

Though Kiva debuted as a chocolate company, they now have a few confectionary options for the discerning stoner with a sweet tooth:

Everything you need to know about Kiva_ Emjay

Kiva chocolate bars

The OG chocolate bar line still holds up since 2010, when it was first hailed as the Lindt bar of the cannabis industry. Originally just contained to Milk and Dark, the bars line now includes toffee, peppermint bark, and a couple CBD-only options. Every bar is made with sustainably sourced cacao (gotta protect those rainforests) and cold water hash that captures the full spectrum of the cannabis plant. Trust us, Kiva chocolate bars are not only a superb edible but also one of the best chocolate bars ever. It is legitimately hard to force oneself to eat these one square at a time instead of shoving the whole bar down at once.

Terra chocolate bites

Seemingly in answer to the original Kiva chocolate bar’s overpowering temptation, Kiva developed a new chocolate treat for people who are trying to stop themselves from eating whole chocolate bars full of weed. Terra bites, each containing 5mg THC, are made with the same chocolate as Kiva bars, but in bite-size form. They’re sold in a resealable container, which does make it easier to not eat them all at once. But only a little easier. Our official Product Reviewer raves: “The espresso bite nails a very thin, under-loved, and hard-to-target portion of the edible spectrum-the effects are comforting and unwinding without sedating. A warm, comforting sense that all is well peps your step without snatching your energy. Life becomes brighter and a whole lot lighter.  Conversation and mental dialogue become refreshingly carefree and the fates and cosmos seem a lot more benevolent. ” Read the full review here.

Petra Kiva_Halloween

Petra mints

Definitely the most discreet edible on the market, Petra is Kiva’s line of cannabis-infused breath mints. Each mint contains only 2.5mg THC (excluding the CBD/CBN mints) and comes in an easily portable tin. Just pop a mint or two to get started and top yourself off throughout the day to find your perfect level. Microdosing literally couldn’t be easier. And don’t worry, only one of the flavors is actually “mint.” Petra also shines in Cinnamon, Blackberry, Citrus, Pineapple, and Tart Cherry. According to our in-house Product Reviewer “Each mint’s 2.5mgs are devoted entirely to decompression. Physical and mental tension evaporates as soon as it is gently untied. If your thoughts and emotions feel yoked to a certain narrative this is a great opportunity to exit that ride.” Read the full review here and much more importantly order some to try for yourself.

Kiva Camino_ Emjay

Camino gummies

While some elder stoners are still bewildered by the gummies craze, no cannabis user who remembers eating Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks by the handful at school lunch can seem to pass up edible gummies. While many confectioners choose to model their gummies on beloved candy brands, Kiva saw the opening for something a little more…grown up. Camino gummies are inspired by California’s own El Camino Real road, which winds through a variety of breathtaking scenery between San Diego and San Francisco, from desert to mountain. In the same vein as the winding road of a fantastic journey, Camino gummies aim to inspire the same satisfaction in a well rounded experience. The packaging is gorgeous and effects-driven, inventively mixed specialty blends set Camino ahead of the pack. Check out everything you need to know about Camino and prepare this year’s costume to match their seasonal Blood Orange Halloween Bites.

Lost Farm from Kiva_Emjay

Lost Farm live resin gummies and chews

Kiva’s newest product line is Lost Farm, a collection of gummies and fruit chews made with strain-specific live resin. The live resin process, where a whole cannabis plant is flash-frozen directly after harvest and converted to resin without being cured, preserves a fuller spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. And because only one strain is used to create the live resin, Lost Farm users can select a treat to match their mood or needs more easily. Lost Farm is not for the faint of heart: each chew or gummy contains 10mg THC, double what Kiva usually doses their edibles. But again Kiva shows their amazing flavor comprehension, with mouthwatering options like Chili Mango and Juicy Peach.

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