How To Roll A Braid Joint, Featuring Racks Hogan

by Doug
How to Roll a Braid Joint with Racks Hogan

How do you roll a braid joint?

Oh, so you’re getting tricky. You saw the other “how to roll a joint” posts and were like, “That’s cool and all, but I’m looking to get STONED.” Thankfully, we have Racks Hogan demonstrating how to roll a braid joint, which will do exactly that.

When someone goes by the name The Stylish Stoner like Racks does, there’s a pretty good chance they’re someone to trust when it comes to talking weed. 

But Racks is more than just a cannabis connoisseur and resident braid joint expert. You may have seen him featured on Complex or Sole Collector for his love of fashion, or maybe you’ve stumbled upon his music on Apple, Google Play, or YouTube. Now that’s what we call a renaissance man.

Altogether, Racks is a man of many talents. And explaining how to roll a braid joint might just be one of his best ones.

How to roll a braid joint with Racks Hogan:

The braid joint is not for the inexperienced roller. According to Racks’s official joint-rolling difficulty scale, it ranks 2 joints out of 3 joints. So, pretty tough.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Weed
  • 4 rolling papers
  • Filter paper
  • Lighter
  • Grinder (optional)

To start, get your weed broken down. Racks doesn’t use a grinder because he’s a pro, but you might want to use one to get your weed into a fluffy substance. 

Get 3 joint papers ready and, well, make joints. Fill them all with weed and try to roll them all evenly. Go for looser, more pin-like joints without filters.

You now have 3, even joints. Take a filter and give it 3 folds – this will act almost as a holster. Fit your 3 joints into the filter. The bottom of them should form a sort of triangle that you wrap the filter around – not too tight but firm, so the joints know they’re not going anywhere. You don’t want to restrict airflow.

Next, you’ll get out a 4th paper and cut it at about a 5th of its length. Take it, wrap it around your filter, and lock it down with a lick

With this bouquet of joints, it’s time to braid. This is why you don’t roll the joints too tight. They need to be malleable to braid the joints around each other about 2-3 times.

Last but not least, take the extra piece of your 4th rolling paper and make an even smaller cut to roll around the end of the joint to hold the braid together.

Now, you’re ready to enjoy your creation.

Smoking’s never been so creative.

Think you’re skilled enough to pull off the braid joint? We’re rooting for you.

Head over to our shop page to get all the necessary materials; you’re only ever a couple clicks away from taking an expertly rolled braid joint to the dome.

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