The Easiest Way To Roll A Joint, Featuring Indica Wife

by Doug
Indica Wife, Ariana Foote smoking a joint

This is the easiest way to roll a joint.

Today is the first day of your new life. A life where you know how to roll a joint. And it will be all thanks to one of our favorite cannabis content creators, Ariana Foote A.KA. Indica Wife

Based in Baltimore, Ariana has built a following on YouTube by interacting directly with her audience. Whether she’s filming a smoke sesh in a luxury apartment, reviewing products, or teaching how to make cannabutter, Ariana exudes a witty and sincere personality that just makes you feel good.

Plus, she can roll a killer joint.

Watch and learn.

How to roll a joint with Indica Wife:

So, let’s get down to business. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Grinder
  • Weed
  • Emjay rolling papers (of course)
  • Paper to use for a filter
  • Lighter

First, take a filter and curl it up to make it easier to roll. Ariana pinches it on one side and rolls her thumb down to the other to make it curve upward. On the edge of the filter, fold it like an accordion and into a little W for Wumbo (see: Wumbology).

With your W, tuck up the rest of the rolling paper around it. The filter will keep weed from getting in your mouth when smoking and will actually make the rolling process easier as it will give you something to grip onto.

Now, pull out a paper. Ariana crumples hers up first to make it easier to work with and burn slower. Protip: Make sure the glue strip is at the top.

Time for the flower: Hold your paper in your hand and fill it with your grinded flower. More weed is easier to roll in Ariana’s opinion. Try to distribute the cannabis evenly in the paper, and leave a little bit of space for the filter and pop it in.

Roll the weed between your fingers and the paper to give the flower a cylindrical shape before actually sealing the joint.

The moment you’ve been waiting for, tucking your paper. First, roll your paper around the filter, nice and tight, don’t be afraid to pinch it to get it in place. Then boom, lick it. You’ve got a sturdy starting point to then lick down the rest of the joint–tuck and roll, then lick. Notice how Ariana licks the tip of her index finger and brushes it across the paper to seal it. 

And there you go: Seal it up, and you’re ready to smoke.

Torch the end with a lighter, inhale, and enjoy!

Your turn.

Wanna try for yourself? Head over to our shop page to get all the necessary materials, and be sure to let us and Ariana know how it went.

Remember: All it takes is some know-how and little bit of Wumbo.

Use code INDICAWIFE for $15 off your first order.

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