Where Can I Buy Edibles?

by Doug
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Where do you buy edibles?

Edibles have continued to be the go to for a light buzz or heavy hit without breaking down a flower and lighting up. From edibles focused on a fun high, to edibles focused on taking the edge off and allowing you to relax, there’s a wide range of products to fit exactly what vibe you’re looking for. 

With different ranges of THC and CBD options, too, edibles have become a great gift to give to cannabis users of any level. 

Which edibles are right for you?

When considering edibles, consider a range. A range of products from drinks to cakes, and a range of potency from 1 milligram of THC to help you relax, to 10+ milligrams of THC to send you into outer space. 

Legal Limitations

It’s important to understand the limitations of the market. In 2016, laws were put in place to restrict companies in producing edibles to only allow up to 10 milligrams per serving. Now there is nothing stating that one piece of an edible, such as one gummy, couldn’t contain 2 or more servings, but this made it so super dank edibles were pulled from the market. 

These companies were also restricted on packaging as to avoid making them “too appealing” for  an underaged audience. Prior to 2016, packaging could be seen with crazy artwork and flashy designs, while current products show very straightforward, simplistic packaging. 

With edibles being regulated, it’s important to buy from a reputable source. 

Converting milligrams to THC percentage 

Let’s be serious, we don’t like change, so why are we using a different measurement?

THC percentage is only looking at how much THC is in the strain . The issue is, one flower may be denser than another , just in the way they grow. As you know, if you want to get a better high with the same weed, just smoke more. 

Milligrams is taking weight into account to understand how much percentage of THC is being added. If you had one strain  with 5% THC and another with 10%, if you smoke 2x as much of the 5% bud, you’ll get the same THC. 

This is ultimately a measure of THC per gram of concentrate, so with 1000mg per gram, you would take 1000 multiplied by the THC level. So if you took around 7 grams of your favorite flower and pressed it, you may get around 1 gram of concentrate. This concentrate is known to have 60-90% THC. Using your new math equation, you can calculate the potency. Let’s say you measured 70% THC, that 1 gram is 1000mg, so 1000mg * .70 = 700 milligrams of THC. 

Of course, this can be broken into individual products, so you make a massive batch of gummies and lay out 100 of them, each gummy would have 7 milligrams of THC. 

How much THC do I want in an edible?

Now that you have a better understanding of how to read milligrams, you can more easily compare edibles to your favorite flower as you shop just by knowing how much you pack in your bowl. 

Of course, each person shopping for edibles has had different experiences with cannabis. Some may be seasoned smokers looking for a snack, while others may have never tried weed in their lives. The options for a range of THC and CBD levels have allowed edibles to be used for wellness products as well. 


When considering microdoses, we are talking about 1 to 5 milligrams of THC. Products such as Breeze Mints or the low-THC high-CBD edibles such as Camino Gummies are focused less on the high, and more on a mellow buzz that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

With this lower dose, they become great options for new users looking to ease their way into edibles and other cannabis products as well. The option to take one, and if that’s not enough just take a second or third, make them a great tool for understanding what level of THC or CBD to order with your next purchase. 


These edibles are for users that want a little high, while also still being functional.  For most people, this happens with products containing 5 to 10 milligrams of THC. Great for a  light high and a bit of focus, mid-dose edibles such as Toffee Milk Chocolate add a sweet creamy flavor to your high. 


These are the large doses – we are talking about taking more than 10 milligrams of THC at one time. Keep in mind that legally, the max dose is 10 milligrams per serving, so this refers to taking multiple servings at once. This should be avoided for new users, and even for daily smokers – you should test your levels with edibles and really think about what you can and can’t handle. 10 milligrams of THC is the same as smoking a gram of 10% THC weed in one pull.

Where to buy edibles 

With a wide range of products, edibles have grown to become the top-selling cannabis products category on the market. With such popularity, availability of edibles has become easier to come by, but not as easy as you may want. 

Recreational marijuana is highly regulated and controlled by the government. From the growing process to you making a purchase, every aspect is closely monitored and well-secured to ensure young kids can’t get their hands on it. 

One of these regulations is the idea that stores selling edibles and other cannabis products require ID to even get through the door. This means that no one under the legal age could accidentally place something in their pocket. Let’s be serious, good high-quality weed  is quite costly, and well worth every penny.

These restrictions mean you won’t be finding cannabis at your local grocery store, gas station, or on the shelves of your favorite barber. 

Medical Marijuana Clinics

Edibles have continued to grow in use within medical marijuana clinics, being a great option for adults, kids, and the elderly who need it to help with medical conditions. When taking THC or CBD for a medical condition, many users aren’t looking to fill their lungs with smoke, so edibles are a great health and wellness alternative. 

Edibles at dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries have become the go-to for picking up medical marijuana outside of clinics. These places usually keep your prescription on file and are able to encourage new products that fit within your needs. 

Recent growth in recreational dispensaries have allowed you to search and purchase a wide range of products from bud, to extracts, to edibles such as cookies, gummies, and even drinks. Recreational locations will hold ranges of THC and CBD as well, allowing you to purchase CBD only products, THC dominant products, or blends allowing you to get health benefits with a high. 

When buying from a dispensary, it’s important to remember they can only sell to you once per day. Shops caught selling more than once a day will be required to close all of their locations, which has happened to a variety of large distributors over the years. 

This means you should be sure to buy enough. You don’t want to run out of edibles or weed and be unable to buy more.

Online dispensaries 

For many users, online shopping has become the way to go. Giving you the option to view and read through a variety of products, you can take your time ordering exactly what you want. This gives you time to look into strains, potency, and the wide variety of products.

But, purchasing cannabis online isn’t a simple drop in the mailbox. 

To remain legal, cannabis dispensaries still need to verify identification and age requirements of the buyer. This has left online shops with two options, the first option being to ship through a third party cannabis delivery service, who obviously needs to make money as well, or some high end companies such as Emjay offer free delivery (ours spans across the city of Los Angeles)

It’s important to only buy online from a reputable distributor selling within the legal guidelines to avoid potential scams. 


The cannabis industry is always changing with the legalizations and widespread use of products both for a good buzz, and for a healthy lifestyle. Knowing where and how you can buy your next batch of edibles can keep you stocked and ready to go. Purchases made online allow you to buy from home, without the stress of a sales rep or the time spent going to and from a store. 

If you’re feeling like a chef, check out some of our favorite edibles recipes, or if you’re ready to get munching, get an order straight to your door with Emjay’s cannabis delivery service. 

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