Cannabis Product Review: Apple Fritter Sugar from Utopia

by Carrie Dabshaw
Apple Fritter sugar concentrate review from Utopia

Apple Fritter Sugar At-A-Glance


Utopia makes good on their promise of a better world with this tasty, crumbly well-priced dabbable delight.


Walk a well balanced tight rope of unbothered mood stabilization and an immediate bending towards joy.


$32 is an awesome price point for a gram of this potency, quality and high. Try it on sale for extra credit.

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About Utopia

Utopia has won thirty-five awards for its uncompromising flower, edibles, and extracts in the 7 years since its inception.

Based out of Santa Cruz, California Utopia is focused on flowers, edibles, and extracts free of chemicals, additives, and pesticides. With full transparency on their preparation methods, each product’s ingredients, and the results of their rigorous lab testing, Utopia prioritizes reliability and dependability across their product line.  From environmentally-conscious practices to provide all their workers with a living wage, Utopia takes responsibility for their social impact and makes monthly charitable donations. 

For the company’s delicious, intoxicating edibles, Utopia consciously chooses wholesome ingredients for a wide range of dietary accommodations. Its fabulous chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, raspberry, and (my personal favorite) peanut butter macaroons are all raw, vegan, gluten-free, low glycemic, paleo, and kosher friendly while also being the best priced for the quality. A product should (and really could) never define our self worth but Utopia edibles are one of those luxuries that make you feel like you’re doin’ alright and like Mary Tyler Moore you’re gonna make it after all.

Utopia’s flower imputes a similar sense of well-being with its well-defined cannabis options. Beyond broad stroke strain categorization, Utopia digs deeper into each flower’s primary tasting notes, effects, and predominate terpenes. Wonka Bars and C Banana round out a fun, off-beat strain selection that has won them hardware at The Emerald Cup, HempCon, and the High Times Cannabis Cup to name a few. As the fantastic mystical base for the lovely concentrates we have before us today, Utopia’s flower provides a well-needed sophisticated, understated tone to the hyper-psychedelic insignia of today’s cannabis shelves.


Utopia’s Monterrey facility on California’s Central Coast uses an onsight one-of-a-kind extraction process to keep a mindful eye on their craft quality concentrates.  With this eye towards detail,  Utopia insures their live resin and sauce remain High Terpene/ High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HTE/HCFSE). Or, in other words, that the best, most effective true-to-plant components of the flower (the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids found in the plant’s trichome glands) are preserved in the final product.

With no additives or additional distillate, Utopia uses refined medical grade solvent-based practices to achieve their essence capturing concentrates. Utopia calls on both tried and true strains along with lesser-known blends to pepper their wide panoply of concentrate textures and styles. King Louis OG comes in spreadable sauce while Tropaya x Chem Dawg shines in diamonds and the Apple Fritter featured here offers the comforts and joy of sugar. So what exactly do all these different denominations means?

Sugar, Sauce, and Diamonds (as well as budder, badder, and shatter) speak to the texture of the dab-able concentrate as well as provide some information on how we got there. The small, spritely cannabis genies that live in a gnarled but lively tree trunk here at Emjay have delineated all you need to know about these concentrates and more. Although these may seem confusing at first, the most important thing to remember is that the naming is giving you the most important info. Concentrate “sugar” is highly potent plant magic minus the plant matter with the appearance of our favorite baking ingredient. There’s no wrong way to dab, so give it a try and be a lamp unto yourself on what you like.


Lumpy’s Flowers is the hero (or villain depending on your diet) bringing baked goods into the office with their cross of Sour Apple x Animal Cookies for this sweet pastry masterpiece. With such a tantalizing sugary moniker, Apple Fritter is surprisingly bright and ethereal on the nose. Lots of refreshing citrus comes through and it smells like a really high end spa day candle. The texture, however, is completely on brand with its “sugar” nomenclature and it looks like the less jagged cousin of the rock candy that stole our hearts and dental purity in the 90s.

Using the PuffCo Vision Plus (which I truly someday hope will bear my baby) Apple Fritter scoops up pleasantly and is easy to get a respectable, hearty dab of (versus sauce for example which is sometimes hard to measure out cleanly). It can’t just be me-something about the sound of your dab crackling as it heats up sufficiently is such a soothing symphony-someone please jump on an ASMR immediately. The inhale is really clean and although a slight hint of citrus makes it through most users will likely only get in touch with the satisfying, wistful weightlessness of well-tempered vapor.

Apple Fritter nearly immediately brings on a delicately balanced loosening of your attachment to what your thoughts and emotions tell you are real. This is a smokeable big step back from your hectic day. The senses are enlivened but relaxed and the dreamy mental effects send you to proactively Marie Kondo your experience and seek out solely what sparks joy for you. The buzz is gently effervescent but by no means energizing or motivational. Apple Fritter works at the end of the night but doesn’t knock you out either. This is an awesome even-keeled fine-tuning that lets you play it by ear without being pushed in one direction or another.


$32 is a steal for Utopia’s Apple Fritter Sugar, a really fun 75%+ THC treat.

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